Saturday, January 02, 2010

When Wind and Fireworks Collide

The night was clear enough for new years fireworks, but the forecast of 40-70 km wind gusts held true at midnight, and being armed with camera and tripod, it was a shaky beginning to the year. Judging by the direction of the fireworks paths the wind was westerly, and quite a gale. From a high vantage point it was also clear to see dozens of backyard fireworks taking place, an interesting sight to see over a span of at least 10 km of cityscape. It's becoming more popular to see neighborhood flares blast off, and though there could have been, so far there are no reports of wind assisted accidents or other.


Jon said...

cool shots... you got a good effect with the wind here! hope you had a great new years and that this one has kicked off in style!

charlie said...

Thanks Jon. I guess they still turned out to be kind of interesting shots despite the wind causing camera and tripod shake. So far, the year has been ok. Best wishes to yourself for a memorable 2010!

Stephen Eli Harris said...

Wow, that's awesome. I don't think I've seen fireworks do that before. Nice pics!

Also, just so you know, voting is now open for the NL Bloggers Choice Award on the NL BlogRoll. Be sure to let your readers know to go and vote for you.

Happy New Year!

charlie said...

Stephen, thanks very much, and for notifying me of the Blog Awards! Much appreciated.