Saturday, March 25, 2006

Cheques, Lies & Videotape: The Truth on Seal Hunt Protest Groups

Public deception is a strategy animal rights groups use to get the publics moral and financial support. Just as businesses look forward to the Christmas season, the most profitable time of year, animal rights groups look forward to the seal hunt each season. They probably don't actually want it to stop because money must really roll in when celebrities and images of white coat seals are shown on tv. The hunting of white coats has been illegal since 1987. They rely upon presumed ignorance to deliver false information. This is in line with Paul Watson's media manipulation philosophy. Watson is a member of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. In his 1993 book, Earthforce: An Earth Warrior's Guide to Strategy, he said,
"If you don't know an answer, a fact, a statistic, then ... make it up on the spot." - Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
He justifies this approach by saying that,
"for the mass-media today - the truth is irrevelant." - Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
That's not only deceitful, but insulting to the public. Let's face it, the average person is probably too busy to spend time researching the myths and realities of the seal hunt. As well, people have shorter attention spans, so they want quick concise information. Well, a cute picture of a white coat seal pup, will save a thousand words, and make millions of dollars for animal rights groups. In the past several weeks, the McCartneys, Bridget Bardot and others have either been duped into, or have shamelessly misinformed the public about the seal hunt and Newfoundlanders. Since the word "barbaric" is used on the PETA web site, it is not surprising Heather Mills-McCartney, a PETA member, used it when describing how people conduct the hunt. I wonder if Heather was aware that the president of PETA, Ingrid Newkirk, said,
"PETA's publicity formula -- eighty percent outrage, ten percent each of celebrity and truth." - Ingrid Newkirk, President of PETA (The New Yorker, 2003)
Did the McCartneys know that under Newkirk, PETA has donated tens of thousands of dollars to convicted arsonists and other violent criminals, and the extremist group ALF, Animal Liberation Front (

While PETA leaders promote animal rights, when it comes to actual human rights, they are not so sympathetic. Take for example, Dan Mathews, vice-president of PETA. In 2000, he declared his admiration for the man who shot and killed Gianni Versace.
When asked who is the most important man he loves of the 20th century, he replied, "Andrew Cunanum, because he got Versace to stop selling fur." - Dan Mathews, vice-president of PETA (December/January, 1999 issue of Genre Magazine)
Paul Watson, at an animal rights convention condoned violence when he said,
"There's nothing wrong with being a terrorist as long as you win. Then you write the history." - Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
(Sierra Club board member Paul Watson, at the Animal Rights 2002 convention
Watson also lied to Norwegian officials when he said his ship was rammed, when in fact video footage showed that his vessel did the ramming (High North Alliance). So before people start sending cheques to these groups, they should know who theyre dealing with.

The federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans (also, see CBC side link) has listed myths and realities of the seal hunt for anyone to see. It says the seal population has more than tripled since the 1970s, no subsidies are given to sealers, the hunt is both humane and efficient, and killing white coats is actually illegal. So when Bridget Bardots press conference showed video images of white coats being killed, she and the animal rights groups are depending on peoples ignorance to convey false information. It's an old method but the public may be finally seeing through this poor acting and old script. Of the $113 million in assets the Humane Society of the US has accumulated (, HSUS raises enough money to finance animal shelters in every single state, with money to spare, yet it does not operate a single one anywhere.

For people like Watson, Newkirk and Mathews, anything goes when it comes to getting publicity, including violence and fudging the facts. Rather than their support growing, their continued used of lies just speak of desperation. With the public exposure of the phony boycott (see the Centre for Consumer Freedom website) and other fabrications, people will think twice before supporting groups who think that the truth is irrelevant.