Friday, May 07, 2010

Instead of bashing people and religions, how about just concentrate on getting along

The debate about where we come from, God, the big bang - a super condensed amalgam of matter (that came about somehow) which blew apart in the big bang which formed what we see on earth and in the sky, and religion, has been going on since the time of God's son Jesus... haha, just throwing that in for atheist readers :) Ok, perhaps going back further, not quite to Neanderthal's time, though recent news says that there are DNA traces of Neanderthal in non-Africans today, and you might think, "there's proof everywhere", ha. Sorry, getting back to the debate about where we come from, that debate is not going to come to any abrupt stop soon. In the past three years at least, there has been a noticeable surge of anti-religion and pro atheist talk, articles, forums, through various multimedia. Obviously religion is an easy target for anyone with it's questionable stances on various topics, and a small percent of clergy who are pedophiles, thus, humiliating followers, and damaging the institution that many see as man made anyway. As well, while different world religions have many good core tenets in common, some have extreme, life-threatening belief systems, and we hear that every day too, especially since 2001.

There certainly seems to be a trend to fully dismantle organized religion, at least it is a fuel for comedians like Bill Marr, and is constantly fodder for humour on shows like the Simpsons. A more well known atheist Sam Harris, is also making the rounds, between book signings and debate forums spreading "the word". Actually, this is a very interesting debate between him, a partner, and on the other side, God-proponent Deepak Chopra (it's in six parts). Harris and partner are very articulate, and make good points. Well known spiritual guru Chopra, does not do a great job of proving God, in fact his words and explanations seems to take on a "pseudo-scientific" slant, that is clear as fog. However, it is useful to hear a debate like this, not just hear proof or not about God's existence, but to delve into human commonalities, and what we all need in order to live together peacefully, mutually respectfully, and cooperatively. Towards the end of this debate series, this idea of "principles to live by" was touched upon.

While debates, and shows mocking religion and those who were raised in a religious way, are trendy, they can also be hurtful for many. It would be more helpful for human harmony, if there were forums with panelists from all backgrounds to discuss human cooperation, mutual respect and love, peace, harmony, diversity, empathy, human needs, common needs, similar needs and goals, and how we can promote better inter-human, inter-culture understanding. Really, atheists and believers in God, are not necessarily worlds apart. There are so many good people from all backgrounds, religious or not, and they share good and positive life outlooks, and views to make the world and their local community a better place, and they prove it by their everyday actions.

If someone does no harm to others, that alone is good. From whatever perspective you have, we can all agree that this is fine. Any person who helps others, brings comfort, support, hope, healing, joy, laughter, food, shelter, and love, is so valuable. Debate and education is also valuable, however, insulting people to hurt them is not.

A growing number of people do not label themselves as religious, but "spiritual", and others are neither. Good people are everywhere, and learning how they evolved that way is interesting. There are many ways for people to turn out as decent, and both atheists and believers in God, need to appreciate and respect that.