Monday, February 26, 2007

Preventative Medicine & Health Savings

“Honesty is for the most part less profitable than dishonesty.” ~ Plato

If preventing health problems were promoted much more, then our health care system would save money, and people could be healthier. The investment of advertisements to show people how to prevent problems could save tens of millions in the long run for our province. Peoples' habits are alot to blame for many medical problems. Of course no matter how much some people take care of themselves, they will still get diseases and problems. People are also free to decide and choose how they want to live their lives. Because we have freedom and a free market economy, popular culture and society is also composed of contradictory forces which send mixed messages to us. For example, let's take fast food. Everywhere you go, on any media out there, and around the clock, we are bombarded with ads that associate feeling good with many foods that are ticking time bombs. Foods full of harmful ingredients like saturated and trans fats are offered then gobbled up by consumers. In every commercial, the tactic is to send the message that you will be feeling good, or the product will somehow bring you happiness. These food products may taste good for the time being, but they act like sludge on drain pipes and eventually need to be "snaked" or give the balloon treatment (angioplasty).

I think we've only seen the tip of the iceberg in terms of what harmful things are in our typical every foods. Nitrates, and other preservatives, are they really linked to cancer? Possibly. What about the kind of feeds for cattle? What we don't know won't hurt business. In the meantime get preventative check ups like prostate digitals for men, breast exams for women, etc., and learn as much as you can about foods, what's really in them, and what are the effects of accumulating additives. I will guess that like the cover up of nicotine by Phillip Morris, and the whole food industry secret of the danger of trans fats, there are many other juicy bites of food hazard information that is not being disclosed because corporate money silences scientists.

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed" ~ Mahatma Ghandi

  • The Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care (CTFPHC)
  • Wednesday, February 21, 2007

    Great Big Storm

    Pretty - big mess

    The calm after the storm, downtown St. John's area

    Get weather forecast for Newfoundland & Labrador

    Tuesday, February 20, 2007

    The Stupid Gene and Fetal Fecal Syndrome

    The always interesting Sue's Blog brought this article to readers' attention yesterday, a commentary from the web site called This Canada. (You should read it to see a Kramer type racist rant) The writer definitely has a prejudice towards NL and frequently mentions the "get of your duff" stereotype, in his write up and also in comments made at Sue's Blog. So here is a response to his attitude.

    It has been overdue for a central Canada "journalist" to do the Newfoundland stereotyping so brave Erik Sorenson stepped up and painted "you people", Newfoundlanders, not sure about Labradorians, as all wailers and moaners. But I see this display as a cry for help. As a matter of fact, I think this ill individual has sabotaged the This Canada website and inadvertently gave readers a rare glimpse into the mental processes of someone afflicted by the "Stupid Gene Disease".

    Perhaps because it is socially embarrassing for families, relatives are often reticent on the disorder and sadly fail to seek help for the diseased. This Canada fell victim to the trickery of an afflicted individual in yesterday’s editorial. Whether the real writer was held at gunpoint, or may have fallen asleep just before print (oops), we may never really know. But for scientists and researchers who have sought proof that the "stupid gene" exists, yesterdays posting by victim Erik Sorenson, was a goldmine of evidence.

    One doctor from the University Health Network of Ontario was quoted as saying, "As rare as a picture of the giant squid, we have seen through print media, the manifestation of the ‘stupid gene’." Ten years ago The New England Journal of Medicine published the now infamous "Relationship Between Smog, Dirty Water & the Stupid Gene". In this controversial research study, it was proposed that some individuals who live near smog soaked and polluted water environments, may develop FFS, or Fetal Fecal Syndrome. Those predisposed to the disease have the stupid gene. Specifically, chromosome 21 is mutated.

    In normal individuals, the liver filters out toxic fecal fluid or matter. But for people with damaged chromosome 21, the liver is dysfunctional, and thus the victims become full of fecal toxins, which causes a neuritic plaque build up on the hippocampus cells of the brain. This in turn causes cognitive impairment (stupidity), learning disorders, and severe distortions of reality (Mengele et al., NEJM, 1995). To satisfy their constant need for the security of attention, the diseased such as Mr. Sorenson, exhibit childish and impudent outbursts or rants like that seen in Monday's This Canada commentary.

    It was probably just a coincidence that a couple of years ago, we were treated to another rare peek at the disease in action, when Margaret Wente wrote "her article" for the Globe. Of course, not all journalists from this region of the country have the stupid gene, this would be stereotyping, and that would be stupid. However, researchers who wrote the NEJM article say that several environmental factors are at play in the activation of the stupid gene. Likely factors are: breathing thick smog, drinking dirty lake water, and having high cholestoral. All factors block oxygen to the brain. The high cholestoral build up results from the typical Toronto diet of fries, burgers, and other entrail food products.

    There is good news. We can change what we can control, environmental factors; and there is also the promise of stem cell treatments, and transplants. First of all, isn’t it about time we cleaned up the water supply from Lake Ontario and Lake "Urine"? We CAN prevent fetal fecal syndrome and the full-blown "Stupid Gene Disease", by simply cutting the corporate dirty work, i.e., smog, stop drinking the water we pee out, and stop eating killed animal sinew. Ironically, taking Omega-3 rich seal oil capsules can lower cholesterol.

    No, Sorenson's parents were not brother and sister, nor man and sheep. It’s time society took the stupid gene disease seriously, brought it out of the closet, and demanded Medicare coverage for treatments. With an upcoming election, let’s use the sad case of Mr. Sorenson in a positive way, and get our elected officials to put money into treating the problem. Dr. James Watson, co-discoverer of the DNA double helix, is a strong advocate of harvesting stem cells from healthy umbilical cords, which can replace the stupid gene cells. As well, stem cell transplants are done at both Mount Sinai and Princess Margaret Hospitals. If you have a family member with the stupid gene disease, you may be a genetic match. However, doctors from the UHN of Ontario, advise that perfect matches are most likely when the donor is not living in the Great Lakes region. Otherwise there would be a high risk of stem cell transplant rejection, due to similar geno-codes.

    So while there is hope for the Erik Sorensons of the world, let’s be patient with the diseased, while we wait for a cure. Let’s clean up our attitude about the stupid gene disease, and for Cod’s sake let’s clean up the water, and air that stimulate the stupid gene in the first place. Let’s understand Sorenson, put money into research, and maybe someday he too can become a real fire fighter, garbage collector or even web editor. For now, Erik’s only career options are being a disease study subject, or a member of the Ontario Prejudice faction. But, good luck Erik, I pray you will go far!

    Sunday, February 11, 2007

    Junior Women's Curlers Sweep Tournament

    Congratulations to Stacie Devereaux, Stephanie Guzzwell, Sarah Paul and Julie Devereaux of Newfoundland & Labrador's Junior Women's Curling team. Just a few hours ago they came from a 6-4 deficit in the 10th end to win 7-6 over Manitoba's team. Three members are attending Memorial University, while one is currently in grade 12 in St. John's. They were inspired by Brad Gushue's win last year, and will no doubt inspire many others themselves. They have done the province proud. Well done girls!

    Friday, February 02, 2007

    Beautiful Places to Visit in Newfoundland & Labrador

    Updated: click here for more posts with NL scenes.
    (Note: to view the source of the photos, click the place names)
    There are so many places all around the province that are interesting to visit just because of their natural beauty alone. In this blog you will find some places that don't get alot of exposure, and that's too bad, for tourists, and for ourselves. To see a beautiful place that we didn't know existed is an education, and it also gives one a sense of pride by knowing it's part of our province. Growing up in a small community I hiked to every hilltop just to see the beauty of the community valley, the river which ran through out to the harbour, and the spectacular view of the offshore islands sitting in Placentia Bay. see Rushoon below
    The community of Rushoon, Burin Peninsula
    Francois (South coast of Newfoundland)
    We live in a hiker's paradise because there are so many accessible communities and towns that because of the reason for their existance in the first place, the fishery, are located next to harbours, inlets and bays, and hence had roads constructed to get there. Many places are hilly, and hiking to these hilltops is not only a good exercise but an excellent opportunity for some frameable photos.
    Korok-Palmer River Valley

    The Korok-Palmer River Valley is an excellent hiking and canoeing destination in Labrador.
    Check out this site for pictures of Labrador Odyssey 2001 which shows pictures of the Palmer River.

    Much of Labrador's coastline is dotted with many small islands, and with rugged shoreline. There are sandy beaches too, but Porcupine Strand may be the longest. More than 40 km long, this "Wonderstrand" is an oasis of resort type sandy beach. What a treasure to admire and preserve.
    Porcupine Strand
    Labrador, North Coast

    List of Coastal Labrador places and galleries
    North West River

    List of Coastal Labrador places and galleries
    North West River beach festival
    South Coast of Newfoundland
    This park is located near Burgeo on the south coast. It has 7 km of sandy beach (Read more about this park at the Word Play) site.Sandbanks Provincial Park
    The drive out to the Port au Port Peninsula is scenic all the way, especially from Stephenville driving next to the ocean to the jewel of Cape St. George.
    Cape St. George
    Little Bay Islands (adjacent to the foot of the Northern Peninsula)
    This looks like the perfect harbour, protected by small islands at the entrance to act as breakwaters. Very picturesque.
    Seal Cove
    Bishop's Falls
    West Coast of Newfoundland
    This is probably the windiest place in Newfoundland, but the scenery looks anything but wrecked.
    Trout River

    Located near the tip of the northern peninsula, Trout River begs to be visited, hiked, and photographed.

    Provincial parks

    Iceberg Finder

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