Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Water Relief

Water under the bridge
Fortune Bay sunset
A leak in the woods

Often, we are our own worst enemy, when it comes to ...

.. when it comes to, you name it. That's certainly a broad title alright, but in this bit of observation, I'll finish the sentence, with "health". As a societal observer, not a preacher, I admit, it is not always easy to practice what you would perhaps imagine preaching. For example, we have the power to control many health outcomes by controlling what we eat, drink, smoke, take, or do, or the reverse - what we don't..

This is an overused cliche, but lifelong learning applies to controlling self habits. It can be a slow process when we are accustomed to following the localized customs - as an example, that is - fast food + sugary drinks + lots of booze = fun & happy times. This recipe for a premature personal demise needs some personal reevaluations, if we as individuals are to continue living with good health.

It was sadly ironic in London this summer when a violent and spontaneous rebellion, against the monopolized wealth and "have" financial symbols, arose and was largely perpetrated by angry frustrated youth. One of their targets was a high tech company which made Ipods.. something that many people including youths for sure, choose not to be without. Hmm, so if they were so content to support a rich high company by buying their product, then destroying the institution they helped to make rich seems a tad thoughtless, and pointless.

Their own worst enemy to some degree was arguably themselves. As with health, we wish our health care system were more efficient, but we ourselves to a degree, cause preventable problems, thus causing a huge demand on the health care system. We are all human, and give into a sweet, salty, greasy temptations from time to time.. to time, to time. But we can remind ourselves, that no one is forcing us to eat that pizza, those fries, drink that coke, only we are encouraged to, and it's suggested we do.

Advertisers can be considered corporate Reveens - they have the power of suggestion, and so many are hypnotized into a trance-like state and willfully follow the suggested instructions. As has been mentioned in previous posts at this blog, we individually have the power and potential of self-control, and the potential and ability to analyze what messages, influential forces in society, are suggesting to us. It is ultimately up to us, to consider if these suggestions are for our long-term health or not.

Individually, we can be our own best friend, and not worst enemy.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Peace and calm in Brigus and Conception Hr.

Every place in Newfoundland and Labrador has it's own beauty, and just a several hour drive through communities is just a tease. A lifetime or more is truly needed to explore all the scenes, towns, seascapes, beaches, etc. that are pretty, rough, exciting, dramatic, and dreamscapes. Here are a few shots from a short visit to Conception Harbour and Brigus. By the way, Brigus is a model community in terms of its beauty, cleanliness, calm and history - spectacular! Conception Hr. is lush beauty.
Conception Harbour calm
Conception Harbour
All is peaceful in Brigus
The pearly gates to a Church in Brigus
Conception Hr. calm
Ye Olde Stone Barn, Brigus (1850)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jack Layton 1950-2011

On election night in May, Jack Layton, the NDP's most fearless soldier, raised his walking cane like a sabre, to a cheering army of supporters, after slaying the Liberals and the Bloc Quebecois. Layton led his party to a record number of seats, and the most dramatic political upset in Canadian history.

If there is a political gene, Layton had it. His great-grandfather was a Father of Confederation, his grandfather in the provincial Quebec cabinet, and his father in Mulroney's cabinet. He himself was an active community advocate since his youth, and served on municipal councils, as MP, and party leader. As the underdog socialist NDP, he has continually increased his party's representation in the last four elections. Each election brought more seats than the one previous, but this years win wiped out the "always third place underdog" image. For the first time he led the NDP to official opposition status. Not too bad for a cancer survivor, a campaigner with a fractured and fragile hip, and possibly a brewing new type of cancer developing in his body. In May, a magnificent political success.. how fragile life is.. just a few months later..

It's a pity that we will never know how he might one day have performed as Prime Minister. He was an outspoken soldier for equal rights, and fought for the underprivileged and groups treated unfairly. On a personal level, Layton was a supportive and positive person. On the CBC/NL radio Monday, a local female musician, whose name escapes me, said that Layton was a fan of hers, and purchased each of her recordings. "The only politician who has ever done that," she said. Nice guy hey.

In politics, and in many peoples' hearts Jack Layton will be truly missed.