Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tanning Beds Could be Put to Rest for Teens

The Canadian Cancer Society wants provincial governments to outlaw the use of tanning beds for teens 18 and under. (CTV News just reported this) The reasoning is health-related - a recent Cancer Society survey showed that young people are most likely to spend time in the sun and least likely to be protected, i.e., only "42 per cent of young men and 58 per cent of young women protect themselves from overexposure to the sun – much lower than in older populations."

This is a good move to help teens avoid skin cancers, and deadly types like melanoma. Currently, according to the survey, skin cancer rates are still rising in Canada, particularly among young people. The message of uv rays and skin cancer needs to get stronger, as teens are exposed to a couple of hours of sunlight each day. About only half use sun protection so they are currently deterioting skin cells, and with each passing year, accumulates the damaged and broken-down skin cells, thus exposing them to increased radiation. It raises future cancer risks.

A significant percentage of youth use tanning beds to tan - "27 per cent of young women use tanning equipment, which is higher than use among young men or older adults".

There is no safe way to tan from the sun or from tanning beds. Both tanning methods release ultra violet (UV) rays into the skin, not just turning it brown, but has immediate and long term consequences, causing skin damage, such as sunburns, premature aging and cataracts.

Being sun tanned is not healthy, it has risks, and will negatively affect your skin. The Canadian Cancer Society do say that if people want to look tanned, to use tanning creams - as of now, there no known risks associated with that - but keep in mind it is manufactured with chemicals of some sort.

In the meantime, keep skin covered, either with clothes, hat or with plenty of sunscreen, preferably with spf 30 or higher. Here's more info on indoor tanning and skin cancer - who's at risk and the myths of being tanned.

This is another way to cut personal health problems, risks, costs, and demand on the health care system in terms of labour and costs. Preventing problems from occurring is very doable. More health prevention is needed, and there will be more topics to come on this.

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  • Monday, July 28, 2008

    Photo Synthesis

    Family green thumbs produced a fine crop for this trigger happy blogger.

    "Hydro Power"

    Wednesday, July 02, 2008

    Rick Hillier is the Biggest Star from this Province

    Female newscasters practically swoon over him, he gets complimented continually by reporters and military analysts - Rick Hillier is not just a soldier's soldier, he's a media star.

    Just a few minutes ago he passed the Chief of Defence Staff torch to Lt.-Gen. Walter Natynczyk. Hillier's speech was gracious. His final speech was centred around the people who mattered most to him, soldiers, the fallen, and their families. He spoke in both official languages and spoke simply but eloquently.

    Hillier would be an advertiser's or political party's dream. He has such a positive image and most often, at least, says the right things. He has brought much needed equipment, money and attention to Canada's military, from government, and respect from the country as a whole.

    In a typical bit of Hillier humour, he told the audience that on the day he officially stepped down, in April, he phoned his wife from work. He asked her if she knew what day this was. His wife being a romantic, said that it was the "first day of the rest of our lives." He said "yes, but it's also garbage day, I forgot to put it out today."

    Hillier's contribution to the military will be an example to those who follow, and all in the military. His name will likely resonate for years to come.

    Tuesday, July 01, 2008

    Morgantaler to Get Order of Canada!!??

    There's quite the commotion at this CBC link over Morgantaler being among the Order of Canada recipients. It's certainly a strange story for Canada Day, a controversial pro-abortion dude, a man of hopelessness, to get the Order of Canada - wierd!