Thursday, January 28, 2010

Toyota needs to step on it to fix the accerator problem

When I asked a Toyota rep if my Corolla is being recalled, he said he couldn't recall. Well, it turns out mine is safe, but I kinda wish it was recalled. Just once, I'd like to bring my car in and not have to pay an annual third world income per hour for some mechanical issue. Poor Toyota, this must be a shock to their system - a glitch that puts the brakes on car sales. But, they have a plan for a catch up comeback. Once this little gas pedal problem is over, they will be throwing in a free car mat with every new car purchase. Some dealers will pop on hubcaps on new car sales, which is usually reserved for the Camray EX Special editions. Toyota will be busy for weeks trying to check out and fix gas pedals from sticking, so just a word of advice, it could be a long wait, and while it may be hard not to do, don't rush it.

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NPC said...

Yes too bad it was this innocent young girl and not an asshole like Paul Watson.