Thursday, July 07, 2011

Thank God the media are not wasting time reporting on Famine in East Africa

I know I am being shallow to mention this during the height of the Casey Anthony murder trial, and the Royal visit in Canada, but there are 9 million people in danger of starving to death in East Africa countries. Perhaps it's just a silly mood on my part, so please excuse me, but since hearing about this potential human tragedy in one Globe article last week, the media in the U.S., Canada, maybe the U.K. too seem very fixated on the stories above. What a surprise that they get obsessed with cases like this. From what I hear, Headline News is essentially now the "Casey Anthony Channel", which used to be known as the "OJ Simpson Channel". CBC and CTV, the leading Canadian tv stations, can barely take their eyes of the Royal visit.

Thank God for that, because reporters really take on those hard hitting issues facing humanity, like, what will Kate wear, or "who" is she wearing. Also, they also provide insight into something that perhaps should never to be mentioned - that is, that Kate maybe is simply a human being like us. Reporters have witnessed her even saying short comments to people, and that "she knows how to smile". Could she really be not a God? Ok, yes they seem like nice people, and expectedly courteous, great! Yes, they are human folks, seem to be very nice ones, like you probably. Media reports are so entralled with their divine presence that they, by their fascination, bubbly enthusiasm, and gaga over the couple, make them out to be the way Kim Jung Il wants to be seen, as Gods.

Meanwhile, in the real world, East Africa is facing death by starvation. There are many countries suffering from a severe drought. This Map of East Africa drought area shows that 9,000,000 people are at risk for this. Where is all the media attention focused instead? On a young woman who might possibly have gotten away with murder, and a grossly rich couple whose nanny is one of the richest women in the world. Hmm, I would sure tune in to a Royal benefit concert for the people of Somalia, and millions in donations from the Royals alone would be truly newsworthy, and set the ball rolling.

I guess the starving are not glamorous enough to make to daily or hourly news coverage. What a pity, and a waste of media time, and opportunity to let the world know that it needs to help. What a stupid pity that 10's of 1000s need to die first before it really gets the media to fixate on brewing tragedies. It needs to communicate with vigor and direct everyone's eyes on our brothers and sisters in an unfortunate part of the world.

Will we see a Royal visit to Somalia anytime soon? Well, if so, you can be sure that international reporters, would finally experience a feeding frenzy.. oh, sorry, not literally like the 9 million living there.