Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Time for FIFA to allow goal line technology

The Scootish commentator for CBC, Mike Collins, made a good point about bringing high-tech cameras into World Cup soccer goal decisions. The rationale he says, up to now, for not using cameras to determine iffy goals, was because that time to decide whether or not the ball fully went over the goal line, would interrupt the flow of the game. Collins argues that there is already an interruption to the flow of the game because each time there is or is not an iffy goal, time is spent by both teams debating with the refs anyway. In addition, teams get denied real goals, like England and Mexico in the last couple of days. So today FIFA's president Sepp Blatter said sorry to those countries, and finally, also said that it was nonsense not to consider goal line technology in the future. Hence, in July the debate will be re-opened by FIFA's board.

That's good, just that it was too bad that it was not permitted when sooky France qualified for the World Cup by beating Ireland with Henri's hand ball. For now, unfortunately, there is still the real possibility that some team could win or lose because the referee did not see a ball go over the goal line, or that someone was off-side. In any event, the competition is really getting interesting with the big guns Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Holland, and Spain in the field, plus Paraguay, Uruguay, and Africa's own Ghana. Argentina, Brazil and Germany look particularly strong. With so much skill, speed, youth, clinical precision, and drive, it's shaping up to be classic showdowns with the final eight.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Of all the demonstrations at the G20 Summit in Toronto, I liked the George Foreman Grill demo best

Dear protesters, especially violent ones, don't you think it's time to change your communication tactics? You know, the strategy you use to get your message out, like burning police cars, smashing windows, throwing bricks, sticks, and other objects. I can assume to know what your points are, but I would not really find out very easily by watching the news. Let me tell you, that what is getting covered is the fact that you are being violent, arrested, locked up, and angry. But angry at what exactly?!

A violent riot is not really a positive sales pitch for your probably, good reasons to be angry with various situations in the world, which are allegedly supported and promoted by G20 nations. Perhaps the rowdy upstarts among you can be encouraged to put their car burning, and stone throwing energies into better communication strategies which will get more specific messages out about what you are exactly protesting. Don't get me wrong, protesting any other wrong is right, but energies and opportunities are being wasted by the fact that the focus is on your violent methods of protesting, and very little on why.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why we had so many weeks of fog this spring is a mist-story to me

Hopefully at some point during this summer, the spring will seem like just a haze to us. Hmm, well actually it was that, plus really cold and really wet. As reported on Here & Now, Senior climatologist, David Phillips from Environment Canada tallies the grey days of spring. From March 1 - June 1 (a time period that is mostly spring), St. John's received 590.8 mm of precipitation, far exceeding the average of 353.5 mm for this period.

From March 1 - June 20, St. John's received 679.5 mm of precip, compared to an average of 418 mm. Other areas of the province, except lucky Western, had above average rainfalls too this spring.

That's not all! In the last 70 days, there were 7 days of sun. So perhaps a vitamin D supplement might come in handy. It makes one wonder, "do we have low incidences of skin cancer because of our weather?" Oh well, the worst is over .. I think, and season three of 2010 is now enveloping us with double digits, most days. Here's hoping that the weather trend continues, no, not that one, but the trend of extended weather patterns, like a long warm/hot summer into Sept. While it's here, this blogger will be seizin' the season, and hope you do too.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Inspirational H1N1 survivor

Last fall, Des McDonald contracted the H1N1 virus, and barely survived. He was put on a ventilator, and in an induced coma. He lived, but the price was heavy. Seven of his fingers were partially amputated, and his legs were amputated just below the knees. He will also lose his thumbs eventually.
(From The Telegram) As the illness got worse, his circulation suffered.
“All your blood concentrates on the central part of your body — your main organs — and leaves your hands and your feet. So this is how you pay up for it. It probably saved your life, but ...” McDonald said.... At the worst of it, he had pneumonia, blood infection and he was on dialysis

Despite his horrific ordeal he is positive about his future. He will get prosthetic legs and intends to work. His colleagues at work are organizing a organizing a motorcycle “Poker Ride” to raise money for him. Good luck to him.