Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Restless calm

Overpowering forces
beyond control
demote us to spectator
Overpowering forces of nature
beyond control
emote us, the spectator

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Is the famine over in East Africa?

Wow, thank the world that we heard the last of the famine in East Africa! I mean, it's over right!? Sure, there were spurts of news reports over the summer, after the Royal Wedding, and the Casey Anthony trial, but now it seems to be fixed. There must no longer be 1000's dying of starvation each week because such a tragedy would be at least mentioned by major networks, right?

Hmm, no one will ever forget what happened on this day a decade ago, and the innocents who were mindlessly cremated alive. In fact the events and aftermaths are still fascinating in the unbelievability factor alone. The documentaries are riveting. But I can't help but feel frustrated by being helpless to help out the currently, dying, skeletal looking children of East Africa, lying on the ground, gasping for water, food, care, love, life and a morsel of hope from anyone.

Canadians have indeed donated millions, as have the government, and others in the world. Unfortunately, a cruel group of militants in Somalia have been preventing food and aid from getting to their country men, women and children, and would rather that they die. It's so senseless, and typical of those extremist nutters, they love hate, and death. Lately there are signs that their power is dwindling, and they have eased up on restricting food relief getting through.

It is quite possible that 790,000 will die of starvation, yet it is rarely mentioned in the news. It is also a wonder where the Arab League are when people of their own faith are perishing. How can many of those countries, saturated with wealth, just let it happen? Where the devil are they? What kind of brotherhood is that? Amidst the anniversary coverage this week, it would be informative if the national media would keep the public informed about the millions facing starvation right this minute.

No, we will never forget the hideous and hateful actions committed to innocent men, women and children, but there appears to be a forgotten and very needy population of our brothers and sisters in Africa.

When will they be remembered?