Thursday, July 27, 2006

Labrador Tourism Needs Better Promotion

I read the article posted by NL-Expat about tourists in Labrador who described the infrastructure as not even meeting the basic tourist needs. It was truly hard to believe that someone could be on the highway and not know where to turn for the ferry. Anyway for what it's worth, I am sending Hospitality Newfoundland & Labrador, and the Tourism Department my two sheckles worth. I imagine they've heard this many times before, but another voice will at least add to the message of tourism neglect in Labrador. Here's what I sent to Mr. Nick McGrath, president of HNL, and to the Department of Tourism:

To: Mr. Tom Hedderson, Mr. Nick McGrath

Dear Sirs,

I want to first of all wish you the greatest success in your efforts to promote Newfoundland & Labrador tourism. The following news story may have already been brought to your attention, but I just wanted to add another voice from the province.

I am originally from the Burin Peninsula but read in disbelief the Labradorian article at which describes the apparant lack of signage on Labrador roads, tourist literature, souvenirs, promotional material at ferry terminals, and inadequate ferry service. It is hard to believe that someone unfamiliar with the area would come to a T intersection and not know whether to take a left or right for the ferry. One would think this is a given.

Mr. McGrath, I am happy to see that you are from Labrador, and I am sure there couldn't be a better advocate for Labrador tourism. I can tell you that more and more people not from Labrador are equally concerned about the neglect that evidently exists in regards to Labrador tourism. It just came to my attention from a fellow NL blogger. Hopefully being aware of these problems will prompt action from our government and tourism agencies to put some basic tourist communications, promotions, signage in place so that anyone can travel to this wonderful part of the province and easily find places, and activities they have heard of.

Thank you, and again, best wishes to you both.



Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sitting Ducks

Watching the docile duck on a perfect pond makes for a serene Sunday.

What a pleasant experience to see the innocence and contentment as they wade through their fragile habitats.

This is worth preserving everywhere.

In a world of "development" this remaining natural escape is always threatened by urban living and industrial development.

If we allow our environment to be polluted then we may all be

sitting ducks

Monday, July 10, 2006

France 3, Italy Won

France had played with graceful passing, the confidence of experience, and with a team whose timing was sychronized. In particular, the "aging" Zinedine Zidane, 34, dazzled the world with his quick foot work, precision passing, and his controlled comportment. It was his soccer swan song. But even the greats sometimes show other sides of their character.With only 10 minutes left in overtime play, Zidane lost his control, and could not resist head-butting an opponent hard in the chest. For this he was ordered out of the game, and rightly so. But what a shocker. Of all people, he who could have went on to score one of the penalty shots.

France had the best control of the game, and it was so unfortunate for the rest of his team to suffer, and now wonder, would they have won had Zidane not behaved this way. Well it's history now, and what a historical event it was. The teams were tied 1-1 at the end of regulation time, and again after the half hour overtime, then came the penalty shots. But one French player failed to score, and Italia all over the world are on cloud nine. The final tally was Italy 5, France 3 in the shoot out.

Bob Lenarduzzi, a former Canadian soccer coach and professional player, believes Canada will again make it to the World Cup Soccer tournament. It will be in South Africa in 2010. That would be good to see, especially if any one of the talented players from NL were picked for the team. Some may think it's a long shot, but that's what upalong sports reporters thought of the Gushue rink too. In any case any prospective player with big dreams has four more years to practise and prepare.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Italy in World Cup Final: Will they play France or Portugal?

With a loud home crowd, steller teams, great passing and set up plays, shots and saves, today's game was exciting. Germany's goalkeeper saved the day on a number of key shots from the impressive Italians. Defence was strong on both sides, so it wasn't surprising that there was no score after the regulation 90 minute play.
(Grosso of Italy scores)

The next part of the semi-final was to play two fifteen halfs. Up to the last few minutes, there was still no score.

But some pinpoint passing from an Italian forward to Fabio Grosso finally broke through the goalkeeping skills of one of the best goalies in the soccer world, Germany's Jens Lehmann. With only minutes to go before the dreaded penalty kicks, Italians everywhere in the world were cheering as that goal basically sent them to the final. For good measure, another Italian goal went in, as the Germans seemed to have lost the morale at that late point.
German fans watch the big screen at the Friedensplatz, in Dortmund Another semi-final game between France and Portugal takes place tomorrow at 4:30 p.m. Newfoundland time on TSN. Either France or Portugal will go on to play Italy on Sunday for soccer's biggest prize, the world cup. I have not seen Portugal play yet, but France really has it together as a team with precision passing, great foot artistry from Zinedine Zidane, and the dangerous strikers like Henri to make good on those long passes. It should be exciting to watch.

If I were to bet, it would be on France, but it only takes one goal, so it's still anyone's prize right now.