Thursday, January 21, 2010

Think Outside the Boxes, Fortis

Just a quick viewpoint on the Fortis proposal to develop a 15-storey office building, and refurbish their existing rectangle, on the St. John's waterfront. I don't have a problem with 15 or 20-storey buildings, but while there is still an opportunity, why not really try to make the place look like there is some architectural creative flair and style on the waterfront, rather than just four flat sides and a flat roof. Let's face it, St. John's is the main face of the province, and the harbour front is plastered everywhere and seen from a number of vantage points, from Sig Hill, to boats, planes, postcards, and tv and net. There's an abundance of creativity here, and it would be nice to see a sign of that reflected in the calm waters of the harbour mirroring any new development.


NPC said...

I think it's time for the downtown to be revitalized as well. Others see be emotionally hanging on to the crumbling rat infested 19th century infrastructure. I also don't mind the height issue but aesthetically the proposed structure could use some extra visual appeal since it would be such a prominent structure. Also that guy on Rep of Doyle needs nice building rooftops to run around on, so high rises(is 15 stories high rise, but I digress) with saltbox roofs are out. They're too steep and dangerous for this sort of action filming.

Charlie Cheeseman said...

hahaha that's very funny npc! Yes, saltboxes are too dangerous for the guy on Rep of Doyle - Good point. But the new buildings should be close together enough so that a detective could make the jump from one bldg. to another.