Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The 2010 NL Wellness Guide is out

The Wellness Guide is a free health resources magazine that marks it's 10th year of publication. This edition contains articles about how to protect yourself against virus infections, healthy life balances, coping with pain, nutritious recipes, holistic health, and other healthy living tips. You will also find a wellness directory of local health practitioners. The Guide will be distributed starting this week, and is also online - click "Download the 2010 Edition Here!"

The cover and cover photo were designed and shot by this blogger. The beach is one of many along the fantastic and scenic Kittiwake Coast, or Gander Loop as it is also known. It's a beautiful coast in our province, and well worth a visit and drive.


Jon said...

Cool! nice shot on the cover! I'll have to get my folks to send me up a copy... any other of your work in this guide or other tourist info? Seems like lots of your stuff would work for this...

hope you're well Charlie

Charlie Cheeseman said...

No, that's the only thing of mine in that guide, and nothing else, yet, in any other tourist info. Yes, I do have lots of shots of various places here, and would love to tour the whole province over years, to capture more. Thanks for the comment Jon. Best wishes.