Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Michaelle Jean: Grace | PETA Goon: Disgrace

Canada's beautiful Governor General just keeps showing her inner beauty. Last week she made an emotional appeal on behalf of her homeland and brothers and sisters in Haiti. Last year she connected with Canada's Aboriginals by sharing seal. Yesterday, our Governor General sang at the microphone's a song of hope for Haiti. The poorest nation in the Western hemisphere, Haiti's PM told an international group Friends of Haiti, yesterday, that it will take about five years for his country to just get back to where they were pre-earthquake. The consensus was that it would take ten years to rebuild Haiti.

While it seems the rest of the world is raising funds for Haiti, the terrorist supporting group (donated at least $42,000 to a convicted arsonist) PETA sent one of it's own fundraisers to physically assault Fisheries and Oceans Minister, Gail Shea. Shea's own response was cool and with class.

The formula for this extremist group "80% outrage, ten percent each of celebrity and truth" - from the mouth of their one time president. See that and more on this desperate group right here.

For anyone who still would like to donate to relief for Haiti, here's the Newfoundland and Labrador Red Cross site.


Newfoundland Blog said...

Great contrast - the caring, compassionate Jean and the "press sluts" (their phrase)- PETA. I support Gerry Bryne's call for them to be declared a terrorist group - cut off their funding and US-Canadian travel and hit them where it hurts. anb (http://nfldblog1.blogspot.com/)

Charlie Cheeseman said...

Thanks NF Blog! Well this group certainly has that type of association. At the very least groups like this and whatever one watson is in, are hate groups. If there were zero seals taken, they would have to create a lie to keep their own, and biggest fundraising machine going to keep themselves and their group going. I guess they are still unaware of the turkeys, cows, pigs, and other animals that are harvested in abattoirs across the country - one would think so.

Newfoundland Blog said...

You're right, the other livestock that's slaughtered on a regular basis is not a "visual" money maker for these groups and some of them are very, very wealthy. I remember years ago when Revenue Canada finally got qaround to checking out Brian Davies and what was then I think called the International Fund For ASnimal Welfare. They were quite surprised to see the revenue stream in place. Davies was based in Fredericton at the time. He received a payout of about 2.5 million Canadian dollars, payable over seven years, on leaving IFAW in 1997. Not bad for protesting the seal hunt, eh? Whaddya say, should we form the Avalon Iceberg Preservation Society to protest against the cruel way the icebergs are treated when they cruise into St. John's Harbour? :-) anb

Charlie Cheeseman said...

Yes, good idea to raise some money.. icebergs being so beautiful, and here they are being hacked to pieces to make vodka and other alcohol. Shame on Canada.