Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Happy Holidays Seasons Gre frig it, Merry Christmas

Actually I don't care what phrase is used, but, it's still a free country which includes all, which includes atheists, and different faith believers. Have a nice holiday, Christmas or whatever, .. but mainly understanding, peace and love (who doesn't want that).

Monday, December 19, 2011

Am not surprised at the death of N. Korea's Kim Jong, he's been il all his life.

One less heartless dictator in the world, this has been one bumper year for the demise of evil VIPs.
But Kim was not taken out with a drone attack or Navy Seals, instead his heart failed him.. It was probably due to stress. All that worry over his own people, and how he could stop the starvation (while building up nukes and a massive army), and the stress over the 200,000 political prisoners who were so unjustly locked up. This chronic worry is not good for one's heart, and in the end, their Dear and caring dictator died of a broken heart.

In fact the peoples' hearts are now broken. You should see the reaction to his death, just the same as it was for his father's. These people are sealed within the confines of this prison state, and whether most realize it or not, their suffering continued under Kim's reign. Perhaps people are too fearful to react in any other way, but to show hysteric emotion of a 69 year old mad who apparently died of natural causes. See the clip.

But what kind of puppet will Kim's successor, his son, Kim Jong-un be? The ruling party and military generals basically will run the show, and probably his actions and utterances. Let people hope, especially the suffering ones in North Korea, that the young un, will have a bit more level headedness and try to feed the starving, stop tortures, and try to mend relations with much of the world. In case any of the North Korea leadership is reading this blog, is it possible still to choose a leader with a different name? I mean, come on, this will be the 3rd Kim in a row. How about a Fred Jong il, or a Scott Jong il, or even Ross Jong il. Time to change a lot in that country.

Friday, December 09, 2011

Write for Rights: Human Rights Day Dec. 10 - Amnesty International

We see it on the news every day, many people in the world have their rights violated regularly, in fact many are brutalized, despite peaceful intentions.

On December 10th, the world writes for rights. Click here to read cases to write for.

Across Canada individuals and communities will be gathering on Human Rights Day to call for justice, and write words of encouragement, solidary and hope to defenders around the world, locked in the struggle for universal rights.

This is one story to write about, and demand peoples' rights:

NORTH KOREA: Demand the closure of an inhumane prison camp

“An estimated 50,000 men, women and children are currently held in Yodok political prison camp in North Korea.

Yodok is one of six known camps in the country. They hold about 200,000 political prisoners and their families without trial or following grossly unfair trials. Prisoners, including children, are tortured and forced to work in dangerous conditions. The combination of hazardous forced labour, lack of food, beatings, inadequate medical care and unsanitary living conditions results in chronic illness. Many prisoners die in detention or soon after release.

The North Korean government denies that any political prison camps exist, even though satellite photographs and testimony collected by Amnesty International from former guards and former prisoners confirm their existence.

The government imprisons officials perceived to have performed their job inadequately, critics of the government or the ruling family, and people suspected of engaging in “anti-government” activities, including listening to TV or radio broadcasts from South Korea.

All the camps have “total control zones.” Prisoners in those zones are rarely released. Babies born in total control zones are imprisoned there for life. Yodok’s “revolutionary zones” imprison people who the government believes have committed less serious offences. Prisoners here serve up to 10 years before release.

Executions take place in Yodok both in public and in secret, by firing squad or hanging. Inmates can be executed for stealing food or for breaking other prison camp rules.

Family members of those suspected of crimes are also sent to Yodok. This system of “guilt-by-association” is used to silence dissent and control the population through fear. When Oh Kil-man requested political asylum in Denmark in 1986, he was forced to leave his wife and two daughters behind. The government sent his family to Yodok in 1987 after Oh failed to return to North Korea. Oh received letters from them in 1988 and 1989, and photographs in 1991. He is the only person known to have received this kind of information from inside the camps. A former prisoner claims that authorities later moved Oh’s wife and daughters to Yodok’s total control zone.

Please write to North Korea’s leader.

Start your message with Dear Chairman.
Describe who you are and what concerns you about the conditions in Yodok prison camp.
Ask him to release all prisoners of conscience held in the camps, including relatives held on the basis of “guilt-by-association,” and to close Yodok without delay.
Call on him to end all executions and abusive forced labour, torture and other ill-treatment of detainees in Yodok and in any prison camp in North Korea.

Address your message to:
Kim Jong-il
Chairman, National Defence Commission
Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

Postage: $1.75

Please send a copy to:
Note: Your copy will go via the Amnesty office in Geneva for forwarding to Ambassador So-Se Pyong. Please make no mention of the Amnesty office in your letters or emails.

UN Ambassador of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to the United Nations in Geneva
H.E. Mr. So-Se Pyong
C/o Yodok Action
Amnesty International

22 rue du Cendrier – 4th floor
1201 Geneva, Switzerland
Postage: $1.75

Here are a few FAQs about Write for Rights:

What is the main goal of Write for Rights?

The purpose of the Write for Rights is to mobilize thousands of people around the world on Human Rights Day. The main goal is to use the power of letter-writing to help bring about the release of people who have been wrongfully detained and to influence world leaders to protect individuals or people whose human rights have been denied.

Who can participate?

Everyone who is interested! You do not need to be a member of Amnesty International to participate. Amnesty welcomes all those who are keen to keep shining the light on human rights. Whether you plan to participate as a letter-writer, event organizer, or sponsor, we’d like to think that the world would be a better place if everyone was a member of Amnesty International.

Does letter-writing work?

Yes, it does! Amnesty has found that your letter-writing efforts have led to positive results in approximately one-third of the cases. But we’ve also learned that it takes persistence: some countries can be more responsive than others; and some high profile individuals, such as Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi have been repeatedly arrested.

Check out some of our good news stories.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Cheers to John Lennon

One of my many favorites of the Beatles, written mainly by Lennon, is the catchy, upbeat, stinging musicality of the superb number 'Hey Bulldog'. It was spring of 1968, and despite cooling relationships among the group, their creativity just kept on growing. In the video below, they were in studio to make a promotional film for 'Lady Madonna', but they were recorded while performing an equally brilliant piece of music. It's been said by their engineer Geoff Emerick, that this was the last time that "featured a team dynamic with enthusiasm from every member". He went on to say in his book Here, There, and Everywhere, "Paul's bass line was probably the most inventive of any he'd done since Pepper, and it was really well played. Harrison's solo was sparkling, too--one of the few times that he nailed it right away."

Lennon's voice and humour are also evident, not to mention his buddy Paul's as well. They both harmonize naturally, and engage the listener. McCartney remembers it this way:
"I remember (it) as being one of John's songs and I helped him finish it off in the studio, but it's mainly his vibe. There's a little rap at the end between John and I, we went into a crazy little thing at the end. We always tried to make every song different because we figured, 'Why write something like the last one? We've done that.' We were on a ladder so there was never any sense of stepping down a rung, or even staying on the same rung, it was better to move one rung ahead".

Here it is as this tribute to John Lennon, and the Fab Four.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Light travel

Just as cave ancestors

said goodnight to the setting sun

we are sad to see it leave,

and realize our eternal worlds

revolve around the light,

energy, and fuel, and

source of life.

Evolved sources of light

expand the days

and still we are searching,

to find, use, and get energy,


ultimately, to stop searching,

be at peace, and enlightened.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Kellie JOYce and natural beauty







full of life

life giving us

children of nature






Thursday, November 03, 2011

The Hemoglobin Mail blog is now open for business

This is just a small shout out to a new blog just created called The Hemoglobin Mail. It will from time to time post news about blood and immune system disorders like leukemia. While there won't be a daily posting, there will be news on interesting, useful, and/or promising research. As a blogger who was stung by the bite of this cancer, you may also see posts on stem cell transplants, and post transplant side effects known as graft versus host disease.

Today is just a launch, and in the days to come, we will christen site with details of a another launch on Nov. 9, of the Thrombosis, Blood and Immune Disorder research project, to be held at the Geo Centre at 7:30 p.m. More details to follow.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Up for Fall

Probably the favorite time of year at this blog spot. This years autumn weather wise is easily better than the pseudo-summer we endured. At around 20 C yesterday, it was a gift from above, above being the warm, and slightly humid air. Despite not a whole lot of colorful leaves, winds earlier this fall gave many an early send off, but lots more to fall from others, there are some around, and more to come. Below are some snaps from an outing yesterday.

Rusted leaves


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Boring Election but resulting with interesting markers

A striking result of this election is the surge in the NDP representation in the House of Assembly, and in the popular vote in the province. From one seat to five is a major rise in Newfoundland and Labrador's politizicape.

One could relate the national NDP rise to the official opposition, and/or the American "Occupy Wall St." movement, to a provincial rise in a feeling that yes, there are a great many who feel that current economic rewards are not fairly distributed in society. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer phrase is often repeated but unfortunately, there is a case in point. The NL NDP has had a clear voice for the less fortunate, in leader Lorraine Michael. She has been a well-spoken, and sincere proponent for the political left.

Michael has been been re-elected, defeating a respected and former Auditor General John Noseworthy. It's a pity that he elected to run in her district, since his image of justice and trust, is perhaps one less such MHA elected to represent people of the province.

This election is not an earth-shattering election at this time, since there were other female provincial leaders, but it is the first time one was elected through an election in the province, and congrats to Premier Kathy Dunderdale for her personal efforts of achievement.

Well, she has the province's welfare to administer and direct while in term, and two major considerations are the province's debt, and the prospective economic potential of Muskrat Falls Hydro development, and/or a "fuller" Lower Churchill Falls development, including Gull Island.

An election campaign is only enough time for short optimistic visions that are mostly dreamy at the time. The reality sets in afterwards of how beneficial a major project/natural resource development is. Even this year, there are doubts about the economic benefits of the proposed Muskrat Falls Hydro-electric development is. The idea is nice - using a non-Quebec route to deliver the power, but really, there are major doubts about the immediate and yearly provincial and personal benefits that this power plan will yield for people in Newfoundland & Labrador.

From this blog spot, Premier Dunderdale can still win favoritism by proceeding with caution on the Muskrat Falls development, and ensuring that the province will not lose out on future hydro development, which might include a more complete "Lower Churchill" (including Gull Island) development. People here will never want to see a Churchill mistake II.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Restless calm

Overpowering forces
beyond control
demote us to spectator
Overpowering forces of nature
beyond control
emote us, the spectator

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Is the famine over in East Africa?

Wow, thank the world that we heard the last of the famine in East Africa! I mean, it's over right!? Sure, there were spurts of news reports over the summer, after the Royal Wedding, and the Casey Anthony trial, but now it seems to be fixed. There must no longer be 1000's dying of starvation each week because such a tragedy would be at least mentioned by major networks, right?

Hmm, no one will ever forget what happened on this day a decade ago, and the innocents who were mindlessly cremated alive. In fact the events and aftermaths are still fascinating in the unbelievability factor alone. The documentaries are riveting. But I can't help but feel frustrated by being helpless to help out the currently, dying, skeletal looking children of East Africa, lying on the ground, gasping for water, food, care, love, life and a morsel of hope from anyone.

Canadians have indeed donated millions, as have the government, and others in the world. Unfortunately, a cruel group of militants in Somalia have been preventing food and aid from getting to their country men, women and children, and would rather that they die. It's so senseless, and typical of those extremist nutters, they love hate, and death. Lately there are signs that their power is dwindling, and they have eased up on restricting food relief getting through.

It is quite possible that 790,000 will die of starvation, yet it is rarely mentioned in the news. It is also a wonder where the Arab League are when people of their own faith are perishing. How can many of those countries, saturated with wealth, just let it happen? Where the devil are they? What kind of brotherhood is that? Amidst the anniversary coverage this week, it would be informative if the national media would keep the public informed about the millions facing starvation right this minute.

No, we will never forget the hideous and hateful actions committed to innocent men, women and children, but there appears to be a forgotten and very needy population of our brothers and sisters in Africa.

When will they be remembered?

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Water Relief

Water under the bridge
Fortune Bay sunset
A leak in the woods

Often, we are our own worst enemy, when it comes to ...

.. when it comes to, you name it. That's certainly a broad title alright, but in this bit of observation, I'll finish the sentence, with "health". As a societal observer, not a preacher, I admit, it is not always easy to practice what you would perhaps imagine preaching. For example, we have the power to control many health outcomes by controlling what we eat, drink, smoke, take, or do, or the reverse - what we don't..

This is an overused cliche, but lifelong learning applies to controlling self habits. It can be a slow process when we are accustomed to following the localized customs - as an example, that is - fast food + sugary drinks + lots of booze = fun & happy times. This recipe for a premature personal demise needs some personal reevaluations, if we as individuals are to continue living with good health.

It was sadly ironic in London this summer when a violent and spontaneous rebellion, against the monopolized wealth and "have" financial symbols, arose and was largely perpetrated by angry frustrated youth. One of their targets was a high tech company which made Ipods.. something that many people including youths for sure, choose not to be without. Hmm, so if they were so content to support a rich high company by buying their product, then destroying the institution they helped to make rich seems a tad thoughtless, and pointless.

Their own worst enemy to some degree was arguably themselves. As with health, we wish our health care system were more efficient, but we ourselves to a degree, cause preventable problems, thus causing a huge demand on the health care system. We are all human, and give into a sweet, salty, greasy temptations from time to time.. to time, to time. But we can remind ourselves, that no one is forcing us to eat that pizza, those fries, drink that coke, only we are encouraged to, and it's suggested we do.

Advertisers can be considered corporate Reveens - they have the power of suggestion, and so many are hypnotized into a trance-like state and willfully follow the suggested instructions. As has been mentioned in previous posts at this blog, we individually have the power and potential of self-control, and the potential and ability to analyze what messages, influential forces in society, are suggesting to us. It is ultimately up to us, to consider if these suggestions are for our long-term health or not.

Individually, we can be our own best friend, and not worst enemy.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Peace and calm in Brigus and Conception Hr.

Every place in Newfoundland and Labrador has it's own beauty, and just a several hour drive through communities is just a tease. A lifetime or more is truly needed to explore all the scenes, towns, seascapes, beaches, etc. that are pretty, rough, exciting, dramatic, and dreamscapes. Here are a few shots from a short visit to Conception Harbour and Brigus. By the way, Brigus is a model community in terms of its beauty, cleanliness, calm and history - spectacular! Conception Hr. is lush beauty.
Conception Harbour calm
Conception Harbour
All is peaceful in Brigus
The pearly gates to a Church in Brigus
Conception Hr. calm
Ye Olde Stone Barn, Brigus (1850)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jack Layton 1950-2011

On election night in May, Jack Layton, the NDP's most fearless soldier, raised his walking cane like a sabre, to a cheering army of supporters, after slaying the Liberals and the Bloc Quebecois. Layton led his party to a record number of seats, and the most dramatic political upset in Canadian history.

If there is a political gene, Layton had it. His great-grandfather was a Father of Confederation, his grandfather in the provincial Quebec cabinet, and his father in Mulroney's cabinet. He himself was an active community advocate since his youth, and served on municipal councils, as MP, and party leader. As the underdog socialist NDP, he has continually increased his party's representation in the last four elections. Each election brought more seats than the one previous, but this years win wiped out the "always third place underdog" image. For the first time he led the NDP to official opposition status. Not too bad for a cancer survivor, a campaigner with a fractured and fragile hip, and possibly a brewing new type of cancer developing in his body. In May, a magnificent political success.. how fragile life is.. just a few months later..

It's a pity that we will never know how he might one day have performed as Prime Minister. He was an outspoken soldier for equal rights, and fought for the underprivileged and groups treated unfairly. On a personal level, Layton was a supportive and positive person. On the CBC/NL radio Monday, a local female musician, whose name escapes me, said that Layton was a fan of hers, and purchased each of her recordings. "The only politician who has ever done that," she said. Nice guy hey.

In politics, and in many peoples' hearts Jack Layton will be truly missed.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Thank God the media are not wasting time reporting on Famine in East Africa

I know I am being shallow to mention this during the height of the Casey Anthony murder trial, and the Royal visit in Canada, but there are 9 million people in danger of starving to death in East Africa countries. Perhaps it's just a silly mood on my part, so please excuse me, but since hearing about this potential human tragedy in one Globe article last week, the media in the U.S., Canada, maybe the U.K. too seem very fixated on the stories above. What a surprise that they get obsessed with cases like this. From what I hear, Headline News is essentially now the "Casey Anthony Channel", which used to be known as the "OJ Simpson Channel". CBC and CTV, the leading Canadian tv stations, can barely take their eyes of the Royal visit.

Thank God for that, because reporters really take on those hard hitting issues facing humanity, like, what will Kate wear, or "who" is she wearing. Also, they also provide insight into something that perhaps should never to be mentioned - that is, that Kate maybe is simply a human being like us. Reporters have witnessed her even saying short comments to people, and that "she knows how to smile". Could she really be not a God? Ok, yes they seem like nice people, and expectedly courteous, great! Yes, they are human folks, seem to be very nice ones, like you probably. Media reports are so entralled with their divine presence that they, by their fascination, bubbly enthusiasm, and gaga over the couple, make them out to be the way Kim Jung Il wants to be seen, as Gods.

Meanwhile, in the real world, East Africa is facing death by starvation. There are many countries suffering from a severe drought. This Map of East Africa drought area shows that 9,000,000 people are at risk for this. Where is all the media attention focused instead? On a young woman who might possibly have gotten away with murder, and a grossly rich couple whose nanny is one of the richest women in the world. Hmm, I would sure tune in to a Royal benefit concert for the people of Somalia, and millions in donations from the Royals alone would be truly newsworthy, and set the ball rolling.

I guess the starving are not glamorous enough to make to daily or hourly news coverage. What a pity, and a waste of media time, and opportunity to let the world know that it needs to help. What a stupid pity that 10's of 1000s need to die first before it really gets the media to fixate on brewing tragedies. It needs to communicate with vigor and direct everyone's eyes on our brothers and sisters in an unfortunate part of the world.

Will we see a Royal visit to Somalia anytime soon? Well, if so, you can be sure that international reporters, would finally experience a feeding frenzy.. oh, sorry, not literally like the 9 million living there.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Surfing the ebb

With over two months of mainly rain, drizzle and fog, plus cold temps, I am not sure what possessed me to gravitate to somewhere where the air was full of ocean spray, which created a fog-like air. I did not miss the rdf, actually who has a chance to miss it, it never leaves. Anyway, on this day I was lucky enough to see our coastline once again, which created its own mystic fog.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Moose Site-ings

There is a new moose sighting site branching off CBC NL's web site, called "Moose Sightings in Newfoundland" (they missed the full province name, Newfoundland and Labrador). It's an interactive site to upload where you have spotted the majestic or notorious beast, depending on your point of view. The map, like many Google maps can be magnified, and dragged, to view closely where moose have been seen, hit, or where a collision resulted in a fatality. Users may also type in a description of where/when they saw the moose.

It can be a useful tool for sure, to give people an idea where they appear to be frequenting. There is one factor to keep in mind when interpreting the map. The Avalon peninsula has a higher density of population because of urban places, and therefore, any individual moose may be spotted and reported more frequently. So it may not necessarily mean that there are a high proportion of moose numbers in this area, as compared to central, west coast or Labrador areas.

Last week as I drove back from Cape Spear, there was a cow grazing about 100 feet from the road, near the community of Blackhead. I quickly, though quietly jumped out of the car with cam in hand, and hoped that the animal would stay and pose. Every second counts since they could run or even attack. I uploaded the first photo below to the CBC moose sighting site.
She looked a little docile, and after a couple of mins of nervously giving me the eye, she galloped into unpressured treed home.
I wondered if she would attack, but we were both thinking there would be no charge for this photo

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stanley Cup: Boston was hot last night, but Vancouver was on fire

Stanley Cup 2011 is one to remember, largely due to Vancouver's hooligan community. They came prepared with masks, hammers and a need to destroy the city, win or lose. CTV carried it live for hours after the Stanley Cup final game, in which Boston convincingly toppled Vancouver 4-0. But while Vancouver and the area is beautiful to see and visit, they are like everywhere else, but with an apparent abundance of vandals, bullies, looters and nuicances.

In the age where tots have at least one communication gadget, a phone, a something-pod/pad, Blackberry, camera, tablet or whatever.. Photos and video can be taken with many of those things, and despite this, 100's of seemingly unconcerned rioters still broke windows, looted, burned vehicles, and openly fought in the streets. One can think of many other words to describe them.

Well, the gadgets are helping to identify rioters with photo proof, and there are many willing to share pics and vids already, on such sites as, and at least two facebook pages.