Tuesday, April 07, 2009

While You're Still Alive There's Hope and that Goes for Ex-Politicians Also

Why he did it, perhaps only he can explain it, or maybe, not, yet. His salary was already good, over $100,000, supported his family, had the comforts of life anyone desires to have, yet he needed to have more, and purposely, illegally acquired it. To see a capable, intelligent and promising person, hurt himself by being dishonest is sad. Another reason it's sad is because he either could not wait for, or did not see the long terms benefits of staying honest. Ed Byrne was an MHA and cabinet minister, and had political power. Prior to the news of the scandal, he also was respected, and had a considerable amount of potential political leadership. The power potential was largely built on the image of honesty. We all want honesty, we support honesty - honesty can have a large following, until ..

Well, no one can change the past, only influence the future.

It is never too late to make a positive contribution to society. Ed Byrne can too. He's a young man, with potential to work hard. There has been a great deal of calling for his head over the last three years, and he must have personally endured many multi-angled pressure attacks, in addition to the obvious public ordeal. That had to be punishment, and most say it's not enough. Paying back money is a start and only fair, but it would not displease this blogger to consider his last three years as some time served.

It may not be popular to say right now, but good luck in your own future Ed. There can be plenty of good to arise from this experience. There's lots of good deeds needing to be done, and people do carry them out. Make plans to be a positive force in society. Make a fresh start, and look ahead.

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