Sunday, April 19, 2009

Some Good Hash Here

Thought it was time to rename the blog. Since there are a mixture of topics, postings, which are sometimes related to current events, or general life, photos, photo shopped graphics, etc., it was time to change the name. We are all observers to different degrees, and this one certainly watches politics at home and abroad, but it's not a political blog per se. It's just a blog site for expression with words, thoughts, pictures, and from time to time researching to find some truth to whatever the curiousity neurons need.

It's more than just about Newfoundland and Labrador, but NL's topics are specifically interesting , and you will find topics that relate to goings on here, plus photos of the place - and more to come. It's a beautiful province, with so many picturesque places to visit. Feel free to drop by both the province, and this site for a hash serving. Oh, and, just to be clear, it's the hash, as in food (for thought), a mixture, not the other stuff.

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