Friday, April 03, 2009

We're Diverse Individuals, Le's Diversify!

As a province which gets its stay afloat income from mining and oil, NL needs to diversify more. Perhaps it needs to start with more accentuation on individual talents, in elementary and high school. We are individuals, with similar but varying talents, skills, and interests. From this blogger's age and origin perch, the older you are, the fewer career options you had. Now, with instant connection with all avenues of employment and personal self-actualization, there exists an introduction to more personalized niches for future career venture. Not everyone is perfectly designed to be a pipe fitter, welder, nurse, or instructor. There are so many permutations of individual "what can be's" that educators should be encouraged to promote in the educational experience. People/consumers like things with a twist, creativity. Offering a bed and breakfast is one thing. Offering a bed and breakfast with hiking and photography tours is a variation, and different. If you're a film maker with a bed and breakfast, that's another possible field of opportunity. If someone tells you you are good at something, that you like, pursue it. From this perch, it adds spice to life, career options, and overall, spices up the economy.

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