Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Little Piece of the Rock

Was experimenting with a new camera filter, and noticed a familiar island shape, though a bit obscure. In a second shot, just seconds later, that ice shape was out of the picture having floated on its merry way. Speaking of ice, this is iceberg season for berg and photo enthusiasts. They will float down along the coast of Labrador, along the northern peninsula, the northern coast side of Newfoundland, and some will drift close by the Avalon. is a site that tracks them.


Anonymous said...

omg I just looked at this again and it kind of looks like the map of NL, a little piece of the rock.. GOSH DARN..

charlie said...

:) Thanks inky. It was at Middle Cove beach, and I did not notice the shape of this piece of ice till after I downloaded my photos. My intention was to learn how to get that wispy effect with moving water. So there it was on my downloaded photo, but on the next picture of the same scene, it was gone, must have floated away. Well, I guess it was lucky timing that day.