Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Attention Tourists! Do NOT Do This!

On a trip to catch some easterly winds whip up the sea for some powerful crashing and thrashing on the shore rocks, my viewfinder found three daring souls who played with fire. Actually it was water, icy cold, manically brutal and unforgiving Atlantic Ocean water. Cape Spear is the place, like many other visitor lookouts around the 1000's of miles of coastline along the province's Atlantic edge.

So wherever you do see great breaking waves nearly split the shore boulders, take some shots indeed, get in the picture, But, do not go near that sea. Stay back a safe distance. At historic park areas like Cape Spear, there are signs posted, advising safe areas to stay behind - it's good advice.

The fellows in this shot really did not realize how lucky they were. They said it was their first time out there, and it was fun enough for them, but they clearly were unaware of being only a foot slip away from simply being in a chilly condition, to a grave one. Nice people though, but they were also unaware that several people had lost themselves to the hungry ocean, when they got too close to that monster.

For anyone not familiar with ocean waves, know this, the size and strength of them are never quite the same.

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