Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bonavista's Micheal Ryder on Fire!

The Globe has a nice article of "Ryder's revenge" (ed.).

It's said of revenge that it's a dish best served cold, but in his heart of hearts Boston Bruins winger Michael Ryder will tell you it's best served up in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Last evening Ryder scored 2 goals and assisted with a third to oust the great Montreal Canadians from the playoffs. Last year he was given his papers by that very team, but last night's game was sweet.

"It's definitely a good feeling to beat your old team here in Montreal," the Newfoundland native said after the game. "I kind of actually forgot about what happened last year. I'm a Bruin now, and it's a lot of fun." - Ryder

5 players from Newfoundland and Labrador in Playoffs

People usually go out west to find employment, but in recent years, more people from Newfoundland and Labrador are going west alright, to the NHL. This could possibly be another year with a home grown name on the Cup. Last year it was Daniel Cleary from Harbour Grace. This year, another Bonavista native, Adam Pardy is firing up fans there. Pardy is with the Calgary Flames.

Labrador City's Dan LaCosta plays goal with the Columbus Blue Jackets, and the Southern Shore fans, particulary residents of Fermeuse, are keeping a close eye on their own Ryane Clowe, who is a forward with the San Jose Sharks.

Good luck to them all. It's great to get to the NHL, better to reach the playoffs, and it must feel good as well to know that they have inspired other kids to achieve their dreams, and try to the best of their abilities, to win at their own game.

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Anonymous said...

I am not much of a sit down die hard hockey fan, I seem to get into more during the playoffs. My dad just loves Ryder. I wish him and all our fellow rockers good luck. Liked the reading on how we usually have to leave to go west for work, but now it's the N.H.L. wonderful