Thursday, December 11, 2008

Water Surpluses, and the Outlook is Good

November - December 11th (at least) would be the Christmas time of year if you were into the bulk water business here in St. John's/Avalon/many parts of Newfoundland. Sure it is relentlessly dismal, dreadful, gross and imprisoning, but hey, maybe all this rain might uncork the genie out of the lakes for the waterboys. There is no shortage of this resource around here. Take a look at the long range forecast below.   Related update
This post was meant mainly as light-hearted look at our rainy weather, but really a headline like this from CNN is a reminder of how valuable our water resources are, and could raise the issue of bulk water exporting which was controversial about a decade ago when Gisbourne Lake was being considered to use.

Here's a blurb from the CNN story:
The value of water is starting to become apparent in America. Over the past three years a drought has affected large swaths of the country, and conflicts over water usage may become commonplace in the future, climatologists say.

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