Saturday, December 06, 2008

A Divided House Closes for the Seizin'

So much for cooperation and national unity for the good of the country. This seven week hiatus should really help. The skies are filled with blame missiles going back and forth. There won't be any winners in the political games going on. The liberals, NDP and Bloc do not appear as saviors of Canada's well being. But they did put more doubt on Harper's government. Even the Governor General might have to take some blame for a delay in Parliament. After all she did not have to sanction the request from Stephen Harper to suspend the next sitting of Parliament till Jan. 26, but she chose to.

The whole talk of a coalition between the Liberals and the NDP, backed by the separatist Bloc Quebecois, was from out of the blue it appears, to Canadians. The story has dominated Canadian media coverage since the idea was aired last week. One has to wonder if the opposition had not created such a buzz that it has, would there have existed a public outcry over Harper and Flaherty's lack of an economic stimulus package in the financial announcement a couple of weeks ago. It had been an option, and they had said that such a package could be released in 2009. So would have this been for the most part, a non-issue with most Canadians? That is, most Canadians would be willing to let the government run business as usual.

In the meantime, the next seven weeks people can really take time to decide what is the best route. Will the economy really tank during that time, or will there be a trend to? If so, then that will help people decide to either stay the course with the Conservatives or change the course with a coalition.

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