Wednesday, December 03, 2008

House Fire! Sparks Fly Between Dion and Harper

The stunning news of a Separatist backed coalition has made for some hot tempered political theatre in the House of Commons Tuesday. Having not seen all episodes of the last few seasons of This Week in Parliament, I will still bet though, that yesterday's word fight between Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Liberal leader Stephane Dion, has to be the best, i.e., most real and fang showing to date!

The unprecedented nature of the debate was passionate and befitting the dramatic, surprising and historical political stunt schemed by the three opposition parties.Harper's Tories are on the verge of being ousted from power, but will not go down without at least at week's worth of battle against what they claim, and will continue to claim, are the Liberal and NDP's dangerous affiliation with a party that has no interest in improving Canada, only Quebec. He makes an interesting point for Canadians to consider - three opposition parties, opposed to each other, with one whose goal is to get out of Canada.
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He also makes the point, again, to be repeated, that Canadians voted convincingly not for Stephane Dion. As well, he said that Canadians did not vote to have a coalition formed which was backed by the Bloc.

Dion, on the other hand, should have been this fiery and passionate leading up to the Oct. 14th perhaps. As he shot back that Harper has lost the confidence of the majority of the members, it was not detectable in the video, but he must have had to wipe the spit from his chin as his busting anger toward Harper was on the extreme high blood pressure level.

Canadian politics is dramatic to watch at this moment. Harper is a fighter, Dion is showing his charging bull side, and they both make strong arguments. The parties will be making their case for the next week. So far Harper is saying that to be fair to Canadians, an election ought to be held to prove that they in fact approve of Stephane Dion becoming Prime Minister. But will the Governor General be convinced? This is getting interesting.

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