Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bush Gets the Boot From Iraq - Literally

Talk about an unceremonious visit. Poor old Bush Jr. Current times and recent past have not been kind to W. Will history be kinder? He would hope so, but the deadly, misguided missile guided mistake will forever be part of his legacy. The shoe throwing was a pretty symbolic feeling from the dissident, likely echoing the general feeling of not just Iraqis, but most world watchers towards the American presence in the tragically traumatized, cradle of civilization.

Have a look, Bush was quick to react.. then again, that was a weakness of his administration concerning Iraq.

Bush even laughs it off. Good public front poor Mr. Bush puts on, but it's a sad ending to a regrettable forgettable/unforgettable episode in world history.

A line from the great song, "I'm a Loser" has a line,
"Although I laugh and I act like a clown, inside this mask I am wearing a frown."

It's one thing to live with the knowledge you were responsible for sacrificing troops to a war. But one that was not necessary in the first place, must be cause for a heavier conscience still, for all the Iraq war supporters in the Bush administration.

Still, the future history, post-U.S. presence in Iraq, could be kinder to Bush, if, democracy remains, and protesters like the shoe thrower, are not shot for an act of demonstration like this.       (read CBS story)

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