Thursday, December 04, 2008

A Dejected Jack Layton Sharpens his Attack on the Prime Minister

Layton loses it after Prime Minister Harper convinces the Governor General to suspend Parliament till Jan. 26, thereby suspending the Bloc-backed NDP, Liberal coalition.Layton was overheard saying he was going to spearhead a bludgeoning attack, but no one saw this coming. Shocked MP's, who first thought it was the regular mace-bearer, who has a striking resemblance to the NDP leader, eventually wrestled him to the floor.


Vancouver real estate agent said...

I think he's not the only one wishing to throw something on Harper :)) Harpy and the GG made many people furious. Not me...I have been furious already! :)
All this political situation is in vicious circle, leading to nowhere. And I am tired of going to vote again...and again...But I don't think there will be any other reasonable solution.
Take care

Charles Cheeseman said...

I agree it would be hard to stomach another election, so I don't think the GG would approve that.