Thursday, October 09, 2008

Public Image and Politics - the Seen and Unseen

There are many people in politics with good intentions to use their talents and energy to contribute to the public good. It takes guts, talent and toughness to be a public representative. Obviously it can be a very frustrating job, when hurdles get in your way of accomplishing things. Often the desire to accomplish things is replaced with the image of accomplishing things. It just seems to be the way it is. Thought the iceberg analogy might reflect this. This is not to say that anyone who gets involved in politics is dishonest or ill-intentioned, there are honest people there too. It's just that they are entering an arena where there is in fact deceit, ill will, and not always honesty. Some people avoid the political games while others play along. This also happens everywhere, including NL. From planted phone in callers to demonizing political opponents and calling them traitors and quislings, it's going on.

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