Thursday, October 30, 2008

Campbell Brown Rips Dishonest Dole as U.S. Election Gets Desperately Nasty

Republican Senator Elizabeth Dole of North Carolina had a video attack ad put together about her opponent Democrat Kay Hagan. In it, the narrator says that Hagan is Godless. The video ends with Ms Hagan's face and a voice, supposedly her's, saying "there is no God." There is one big problem though, Kay Hagan is a member of the Presbyterian Church, and is a former Sunday school teacher.

The video below is a clip of the ad and an editorial smacking by the sharp CNN political analyst, Campbell Brown.

Brown: "Just say no to your own craven ambition. Just cut it out. Reclaim your dignity! And with only a few days to go, please please just tell us what you think you can do to get this country back on track."

There seems to be a universal rule held by many politicos , when power talks, honesty walks.

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