Tuesday, October 21, 2008

On the Streets, people are still addicted to Speed

It's a drug that is always on the streets, causes harm, stress, and danger. It's been said before here, so why again? One reason is because accidents get reported all the time, especially when there are poor driving conditions like the mini hurricane currently spitting and heaving its heavy rain and wind on street and highways. Another reason lately is the issue of whether winter tires should be mandatory, to cut down on accidents.

Accidents happen for any number of reasons. It could be slippery roads, poor visibility, blown tire, distractions, etc., or speeding. Every day in towns and cities, and on highways, some people seem to be in constant emergency mode. On the TCH Saturday, one driver in a sporty two door was seen passing three others, over a median, which is not allowed. It came close to demolishing the front car which seconds after, moved to the left turning lane and turned left. Here in the city, there seems to be an urgency to get somewhere all the time which makes driving a risky habit.

On the winter tires issue, from personal experience, winter studded tires are better than all-season tires. Obviously you have better traction, and can have more success getting out of an icy spot. Still, all-season tires can be fine for traveling in winter, but, if they are well-worn all-seasons, these tires are not so dependable and will provide less grip. The newer the all-season tires, the better. In relation to accidents, winter studded tires will not stop people from running red lights, weaving, and reckless driving.

Because it's winter, speed reduction is a given, and driving a realistic speed that allows for enough reaction time is key. Summer driving habits in winter will cause problems on the road, and unfortunately injuries, and insurance hits. Reducing speed to an appropriate velocity for the conditions is a preventative measure. Sort of like the old saying goes, old hermaphrodite winter is just around the intersection, and as the cop from Hill Street Blues used to say, let's be careful out there.

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