Monday, October 06, 2008

NL Cabinet Ministers Actively Campaigning for ABC (VOCM reports)

"As we head into the home stretch of the federal election campaign, things are heating up. Former PC cabinet minister Jim Morgan says he saw three provincial cabinet ministers in Conception Bay North today campaigning against Fabian Manning.
He wonders if they're doing on the taxpayers' dime, or if they've taken a leave of absence.
On VOCM BackTalk with Bill Rowe this afternoon, Morgan says Trevor Taylor, Jerome Kennedy and Tom Hedderson were in the Bay Roberts area. Morgan has a summer home in Cupids. Taylor makes no apologies for campaigning against Stephen Harper during daytime hours."

Jerome Kennedy takes care of matters concerning Justice for Newfoundland and Labrador

Trevor Taylor is Minister of Innovation, Trade and Rural Development and Minister Responsible for the Rural Secretariat, and acting Minister of Fisheries as well.

Tom Hedderson is Minister for Intergovernmental Affairs; and Minister Responsible for the Volunteer and Non-Profit Sector


General Taylor said...

Shocking, MHA's comminucating with their constituents during the daylight hours. And on matters of fiscal importance to the province.

Someone call in the Constabulary.

Charles Cheeseman said...

haha, I can appreciate this type of remark general, that's good.

It's also kind of funny because none of the MHA's constituents are in the district of Port de Grave, which is the riding Bay Roberts is in.

Trevor Taylor's constituents are in his district of The Straits-White Bay on the Northern Peninsula, nowhere near the district of Avalon. But Tom Hedderson (Harbour Main) and Jerome Kennedy (Harbour Grace-Carbonear) are deceptively close. This may not be shocking but perhaps surprising.