Friday, October 31, 2008

More Signs that Sarah Palin is Not Ready to be Vice-President

  1. She wants to make Halloween a national holiday to celebrate the death of Freddy Krueger.

  2. Palin intends to handle the problem of illegal aliens -
    on a Martian by Martian basis.

  3. One of her first priorities is to paint the White House fuchsia.

  4. On what to do about global warming, Palin wants everyone to simply triple their use of air conditioners to cool the atmosphere.

  5. When asked what should be done about Iran's and North Korea's nuclear development programs, she said the U.S. ought to double or triple the price of uranium when they sell it to them.

  6. Palin is adamant that Obama and Osama are twins.

  7. She said that as Vice President she is looking forward to traveling around the world to meet foreign leaders especially the President of Canada.

  8. Her solution to economic problems is to strengthen banks, by using more stainless steel girders and extra hard cement.

    © 2008 Charles Cheeseman

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