Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Now What!

Prime Minister Harper has a bigger and stronger minority government with 143 seats. Even previously Connie-free PEI now has a Conservative. The Liberals went down by 20 seats.

There are more Conservatives than before, more in other Atlantic Canada provinces, 9 which despite NL's Conservative banishment, equals the previous number.

So Newfoundland and Labrador has zero Conservatives, no possible cabinet representation from the province.

Boy, that showed 'em!

What were the benefits of trouncing all Conservatives again?

Was this a win for NL, or was it a failure to kick the prime minister out? What exactly is there to celebrate? Getting revenge on Harper?

Had Willams campaigned for fellow NL Conservatives and helped them get elected - there could possibly be 7 reps to choose from, rather than 0.

Oh well, it should be interesting to watch the benefits of this "goose egg" unfold.

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