Thursday, January 31, 2008

It was a Colorful Conversation

Fantastic! It was hard for this debate not to be interesting. They were wise not to do the mudslinging, and instead articulate details of their various policies. Obama made good points about the characteristic of good Presidential judgement, was clear on an exit plan on Iraq, and probably scored points on his health plan and how to pay for it by closing tax gaps on the rich. Hillary at one point got a long applause when she quipped that another Clinton could clean up after after another Bush administration. She also impressed as she outlined her experience dealing with a wide range of national and international situations in which she helped people and groups, like women's rights in another country.

The debate was civil, still, they both had everyone holding their breath waiting for what would be spoken next. From tonight's debate, the status quo of support may just be the outcome. If there was an edge, Obama impressed most. As a politician who is not as experienced, as a policy promoter, he showed he could be detailed. His idea that the mindset of politicians needs to change so that the mistake of Iraq, and others like it, won't happen again, is a winning point for him. In an earlier post today I sort of joked that there could be a Vice President Clinton, and this very idea was tossed out as a question - either one can win and either can be Vice President.

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