Monday, January 14, 2008

VOCM Question of the Day Results Questionable

Are you satisfied with Tom Rideout's action on his controversial expense claims?

You'll be amazed at the poll results. It appears that the "No" voters (30%) are mainly the ones to make comments on that page. Have a read. The quantity of "No" comments certainly don't reflect the 70% "Yes" votes. That poll is completely absurb.

Many online polls display a notice explaining that if you have already voted, you cannot vote again on that particular poll. There is at least one way around this. A user can clear their internet browsers cookies, so that it looks like your computer has not voted before. You can then do this all day, and vote as often as you like. It invalidates online polls.

Strange results on VOCM's polls have appeared before. There seems to be many more responses to government related polls, specifically as it pertains to public support for something government related. Would make an interesting tv news item.


nadinebc said...

A lot of people are blogging about this, as though it were a new thing.

Come on, its VOCM, do we really expect anything different. This is the radio equivalent of the Weekly World News.


Charles Cheeseman said...

It's not a new thing to do with online polls, but I think why it's blogged about is because it's specifically about consistent dubious poll results concerning our government. What's newsworthy, yet don't seem to make the CBC or NTV news (maybe I've missed a show where it did) is that anytime there is a NL Gov. related poll, there is usually a huge online voter turnout, like nearly 29,000 in this poll, as compared to non-gov.-related polls where the voter numbers are around 1600, give or take a few hundred.

What's also strange is that most comments support the "no" voters, yet the vast majority of votes are "yes".

I've seen this in the past at VOCM too, but because it continues, it makes people wonder who is taking time to make the yes votes so high, and is it being driven by gov. itself. If so, then it's about time the general public knew what their government is up to. It seems like a waste of time, energy, and perhaps the public's money, not to mention, being deceitful, and for what, and why?