Sunday, January 06, 2008

Fossil Fools Gold - Atlantic Lotto's New Game

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation is introducing a new game called Fossil Fools Gold. It was bound to happen, as the price of gas is expected to reach at least $1.50 a litre by this summer. In just a few years, the cost of filling a home fuel tank has doubled, and the outlook is as dark as the precious black gold itself. In this new game, there is a better chance of winning than government lowering gas tax. See prize details below.

* A full tank will be no more than 800 litres of home heating oil
* In the event of multiple winners, the top prize shall be divided accordingly, e.g., 1 in ON, 1 in BC, winners will get 400 litres each.

** This is a vehicle gas tank, and not more than 60 litres.

Also coming soon

Here's a typical prize payout

So don't be a fossil fool - play the game, or reduce consumption. Either way, you can win.


Table Mountains said...

TANK you for the grin today.

Charles Cheeseman said...

No problem bucko!