Saturday, February 02, 2008

Some of these Restaurants are not like the others

.. some of these restaurants just don't belong,
Can you tell which restaurants are not like the others
      By the time I finish my meal?

The thought of restaurants failing health inspections is totally unpalatable. Of the 5 restaurants Auditor General John Noseworthy found that failed inspection to stay open, one restaurant violated two critical health hazards during eight consecutive health inspections, but remained open. No restaurants have been named in this report, which keeps you wondering if or when you dine out again.

One of the problems is that restaurant inspectors are behind schedule and short staffed.

This story like the many other health problems exposed in the last half year is good news. This stuff needs to be public knowledge, so that there is more public pressure to fix the problems, give confidence to people, cut back on disease, and inevitably cut back on strain on health care. Like many health problems, this one is preventable.

The priority right now is to fill vacancies in restaurant inspection. It is obviously pressure on current inspectors to keep up with demand, but it is not right to allow restaurants to stay open when they ought to be closed.

Toronto's Dinesafe program requires restaurants to post a food safe inspection notice that is in an obvious place clearly visible to members of the public, at or near the entrance of the establishment.

Here are the Dinesafe eight simple rules to get that pass.

Unless there is more confidence in the food establishment industry there just may be more people passing by more restaurants more often.

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