Sunday, January 27, 2008

Why Winter is Good

The hassles and torments of winter are obvious, but look on the bright side. In summer after June 21, the days start to get shorter, but in winter the days get longer, since December 22. Snow is often beautiful, and certainly fun for kids, and outdoor enthusiasts, so therefore, the "fun" and social need is met, thus, happier, healthier people, and happy memories. Winter also presents plenty of photographic opportunities. There are many interesting ice and snow formations, glitter, blanketed forests, color contrasts, landscapes, the sky's the limit.

While it can be a little disappointing to see summer fade, at this time of year, summer is the reward that is coming, as our lingering winter eventually fades. During winter we are also at a low risk of getting skin cancers because we're covered with layers upon layers of cold shielding fabrics. There is more indoor time to do indoor things you like to do. There's probably many more positive things about winter that anybody can list. That's it for me, back to reading, writing, and checking out interesting places to visit and photograph in this province.

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