Friday, January 11, 2008

It Just Occurred to Me

  • It's 11 a.m. and gas prices haven't budged all day
  • Only 346 shopping days till Christmas - must alert radio stations
  • The dddddaaaaayyyyyssss are getting longer
  • Summer is just around the corner, then go left for a few hundred miles, take a right for 200 more, go up a long dirt road hill, and there it is
  • The magazine Hot Water Boiler Monthly is not as exciting as it used to be
  • If you've bought an acoustic synthesizer lately, chances are you've been had
  • The same goes for the 1945 antique laptop
  • If a high tech online company sets up and hires locals in a rural coastal community, the sea entrance to the port ought to be called eBay
  • Did you know you can have a Ph.D. in just weeks? And based on your life experience? Think I have the inside scoop on this. If interested I can forward you the remarkable information I received dozens of times by email. A friend just graduated with a Ph.D (Hobbles)
  • Most Hindus prefer reincarnation milk in their tea
  • The race for the White House is going to be, black or white

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