Thursday, September 20, 2007

First Draft Election Campaign Slogans

For the Progressive Conservative Party
(a few added from comments)

Danny Williams double 0 7
(from commenter npc)

Williams for Premium (npc)

Danny & Hebron Oil
Go With the Flow

For a Bitter
Newfoundland & Labrador
Vote PC

At 76% in the polls, You Know What to Do

Just Do it!

The PC Party. It's a gas gas gas (npc)

Danny Williams Afraid of nothing (npc)

Deal or No Deal

I'll Even Bring the
Cod Fishery Back

Ye Can All Come Home Now

Like, What ev er!?
Just Vote Already

I'm Infallibull
For the New Democratic Party

Our Father Who Art in Heaven Hallowed be Thy Name ...

Free Everything for Everyone

For the Liberal Party

Thy Kingdom Come Thy Will be Done on Earth as it is in Heaven ...

Danny's 5% Equity Steak in the White Rose Expansion is Just Boloney

I Can Take Danny in an Arm Wrestle

Vote Liberal. Drinks are on Us
Perfume & Panties for the Ladies

Ye Can All Come Home Now,
My Ass!
So the PCs Got a Secretive Hebron Memorandum of Understanding
- Big Deal!

We Did Get the Voisey's Bay
Deal. Even Danny Said that was Good. So There!

We Got the Upper Churchill
for ya, Didn't We?

Liberals Will Complete the TLH
We Booked the Queen
for a Visit to The Big Land

Other tossed election Slogans


NPC said...

Danny Williams double 0 7.

charles said...

That sums it up!

NPC said...

The PC Party. It's a gas gas gas.

Williams for Premium.

Danny Williams Oil not let you down.

Danny Williams Afraid of nothing.

charles said...

haha very fitting