Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Population Problem Has Hardcore Solution

Premier Williams says that money can buy you love. If you deliver triplets, expect a $3000 cheque in the mail. The idea was fathered in Europe and Quebec, to make the population, well, grow. Williams is concerned that the "race" will continue to decline, unless we take explicit action.

Basically there is an aura of optimism in government, and with incentives from the Dept. of Procreation, it reflects the expected era of "wealth", for the province. The $1000 dollar per baby, bonus, plus the $100 subsidy per month for new parents, will make it easier to raise a child. It's good news for out of work fishery workers. Banned from catching cod, and perhaps hesitant to have a child, they are now encouraged to get jiggy with it.

It's not like making $1000 under the table - well, it could be. Couples who were holding back on conceiving, can now flirt with the idea. So if you want to make the family, and your bank account grow, take advantage of this offer at every conceivable opportunity.

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