Sunday, September 16, 2007

Former MHA Paul Dicks Called to the Bar

Known to be quite Liberal with the booze, former Finance and Justice Minister Paul Dicks, might paint the town red since he has been asked to serve as bartender at one local Liberal's victory party. Dicks was staggered when news broke that he spent $34,000 on alcohol while representing the public as an MHA. This has come as quite a surprise given his calm, controlled, and sober demeanor. He was reached Friday for comment. "I am sick of all the slurs", he said in a rye tone, and he has been on the Lambs ever since.

It's no surprise that the headaches from the stress and embarrassment is enough to make you go on the Bayer. Oh well, he couldn't expect to get off Scotch-free forever. Now that the story is out, he should clear his conscience and maybe something positive will come out of this. It might make the Guiness record books as the most money spent on booze by an elected official - while in office Dicks had many a Guiness for lunch. So the public should not get on his case.

It's not only Paul Dicks who used public funds for liquor, but Liberal MHA George Sweeney did the same. However, Dicks could "drink him under the table", with Sweeney's meager $10,325 alcohol bill. It is sad though that the price of public humiliation is even higher. As a ripple effect, the Kenmount Rd. liquor store had to close due to low sales.

In times of political scandal, we are reminded that honesty is the best policy, and responsible people should resist the temptation to drink from the till. These are pints that any politician should take home to digest. One more piece of advice for Mr. Dicks - when you attend the next Liberal party, BYOB.


NPC said...

I heard Paul was last seen throwing up over London Dock with his old buddies Captain Morgan and Jack Daniels.

charles said...

He's also been seen with one Margarita.

NPC said...

It's interesting that the origin of politics comes from poly meaning many and tics which are little parasitic insects.