Monday, September 10, 2007

Amiela Fish Profits up

Who says the fishery is dead? So much for the alledged comment from Barbara Amiel that people like unemployed fishery workers should be "stomped under the heals of her shoes". Earlier this year, Amiel and former first lady, Mila Mulroney, bought out FPI, to do their part to revitalize the fishery, employ people and help stop outmigration. People who have the impression that social elites wouldn't be caught dead in poor old Newfoundland will be surprised to learn that when Ms Amiel and Ms Mulroney are not dining at Bistro 990 at Bay St., they are overseeing retraining at the Gaultois and Marystown fishplants. "Quality control is the area that has facilitated the company growth so far," says Mulroney. Having worked on the gutting line of a small fish plant near Baie-Comeau, Quebec, and also having been knees deep in the fishmeal sections, Mulroney is no stranger to the fish processing line. Barbara Amiel told reporters that for the former first lady to step up and out of Brian Mulroney's shadow, took guts. What every Newfoundlander and Labradorian needs, is Amiela Fish. What does the future hold? They are planning the development of a spiny-back jellyfish farm to increase production and employment. Kudos to these trans-planted ladies, and may this success be an example for the Toronto Fish Plant Workers Association.

(Writer's note: My original fake story has gotten some attention from a site called Toronto Life. Blog commenters in a debate about Conrad Black referenced it. At least one thought it was real, which sparked shots from other commenters to the first. Later someone made the point, and a good one, to make sure you check the source and credibility of the site from which you find information. I wrote it just because the idea was absurd, and with a little curiousity to see how such a fake story would be seen by people outside the province, and to turn an everyday NF phrase into a fake company name.)

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