Friday, May 18, 2007

Possible 2007 Election Campaign Slogans

For the Progressive Conservative Party

Re-elect Williams Vote for Sequalization

Vote NBC - Nobody But Conservative

Vive le Terre-Neuve-et-Labradore Libre

We're 75% in the Polls, Just Do it!
For More of the Same Vote PC

Won't Get Fooled Again

Down with Harper
Vote Danny

For the Liberal Party

If By Some Flute a PC Scandal Happens We're Better than Nuttin'

Reid My Lips
No More Taxes

We'll Get Our 2 cents Worth in
Don't You Worry

We Don't Have Much to Offer, But What Are Ya Gonna Do

Come On, Give Us a Chance, Really

For Half-decent Opposition, Vote Liberal

We Won't Procrastinate on Signing Deals You Just Wait

Your Mother or Father Always Voted Liberal, You Know You Want To
For the New Democratic PartyFor Either PCs or Liberals

To the Left, To the Left

It's Time for Coupons

It's Time for Respect and Decorum
in the #%&@ House of Assembly

For Honesty in Government
Vote Lorraine Michael, otherwise Vote Us.

It's Time for Change... Cash, Cheques, Trinkets, Spending Allowances

Other suggestions welcome.


Mike said...

Thanks...I needed the smiles.

kodak said...

Glad you liked it Mike.

Anonymous said...

Another one for the liberal slogans

Gerry for us, we will turn water into whine.

kodak said...

Good one Anon!

Anonymous said...

Gerry Reid.... "I've spent 4 years chasing Danny Williams around watching him do things and then criticizing him for doing them. That should be worth some votes, shouldn't it? If he wasn't doing so damn much I'd have more time to do things myself."