Friday, September 14, 2007

Sealed With a

Gene Simmons of the rock group KISS is apparently considering spending some time on the Rock to protest the annual seal hunt, just like protestors do every year, via a reality tv show of course. Simmons is quoted as saying,

"The idea that anybody would call that a sport is delusional."

Yes, the idea that you could be used by animal rights activists (ARAs) groups to help continue to line their pockets by feeding you malicious lies is what you should consider delusional, Mr. Simmons. If he thinks that the seal hunt is a sporting activity then he must think that livestock farmers really laugh it up when they are out hunting chickens, pigs, and the sly slippery and elusive cow. It is hard to imagine killing animals, harder again for sport. Having heard and seen interviews with sealers you realize there is no fun, but dangerous hardship, an occupation on the sea which, like the fishery, has carried on for centuries.

Like a reality tv show, the shadowy seal hunter/monster psycho barbarian script has already been written, and the predictable fiction has had many characters play the would be hero or heroine every year. The seal hunt as Paul Watson has openly admitted to it, is the biggest fund-raiser for ARAs. As a matter of fact, in reality it is a safe bet that they do not really want the seal hunt to end because it would cripple the most lucrative fund raiser for them. So connivers like Watson and his disciples pitch images of natural tear secretions from young seals to "innocent" people like Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed, and they fall for the idea that the poor white coats are crying like a human.

The script of misinformation, lies, prejudice and hate was written by the Shakespeares of the ARA fundraising genre. Like Othello, it's played out annually, and like Iago tricked others, the general public and celebrities are duped into believing falsehoods that are promoted with spite and hatred. What is not a tradegy, not even sad really, just irritating, is that those in public eye, celebs, show their ignorance, and impose their influence on what it has appeared to be, a shinking population, of Canadians at least, who will be blindly led to donate their money to a cause that is without foundation.

Mr. Simmons will no doubt be conducting more research into what veterinarians have to say about the seal hunt. He is bound to read their reports and consensus that it is one of the more humane animal culls, and that even included the use of the hakipik when that method was practised. Since Saturday nights are used to unwind he will probably spend time reading blogs with related information. So here's a link to read more from a report by the Royal Commission on the Seal Hunt.

Mr. Simmons, just in case you want to edit the reality tv script a little, don't forget some facts, real things that should be in a reality show. Such things are: white coat seals are no longer hunted, it is illegal to do that, and please don't let anyone try to convince you otherwise; sealing is done with rifles and not clubs; the seal hunt is short seasonal employment, and humane, and it is not a sport. One more thing, you would wish you could sell as many new CDs as the population of seals. Come out with some killer music and you will surely harvest new herds of actual music fans.

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