Sunday, April 01, 2007

FPI Purchased by Former First Lady & Barbara Amiel

Former first lady Mila Mulroney and Barbara Amiel, wife of Conrad Black, have jointly purchased FPI assets. Amiel's share of the purchase is 60% and Mila Mulroney's is 40%. They plan to re-open plants in Harbour Breton, Marystown and Gaultois, and have renamed the company to Ameila Fish. Both Mulroney and Amiel will meet with unemployed fish plant workers and FFAW president Earle McCurdy in Gaultois later today to discuss Ameila Fish. Taking time off from the trial of Conrad Black, Ms Amiel told reporters that the idea first came up while they were on vacation in Black Tickle last winter. "Conrad laughed at the idea at first, but later took it serious after a seal flipper dinner."

In a press statement Ms Mulroney expressed her excitement at their venture. "I see it as a way to spend more time in a place I know well. We will process cod, oyster, spiny-shell jellyfish, and of course Pacific salmon. Nobody is processing these under-utilitized species here anymore, not a sole."

Both Amiel and Mulroney are hoping that fish processing will slow the problem of outmigration. Says Amiel, "Once we catch the cod, they'll never have a chance to outmigrate again." They are optimistic that other plants can be revitalized in Newfoundland and all over Labrador. You can expect to see Amiela Cod on the shelves soon.
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