Friday, June 26, 2009

What a Shocker!

50 years old and on the verge of a comeback, Michael Jackson, gone. It reminds us all of how fragile life can be. It is sad in many ways. Jackson had a brilliant career but an anything but normal life, and not always in a positive way. Often wierd and seemingly lonely in ways. Obviously fragile (looking) and having great stress on many fronts, it could come out of a medical and biographical investigation that heavy drug use may have been a factor in his untimely death. As a tribute to an astounding entertainer, here is a video of him with his brothers, the Jacksons. This is from the Cher Show in the mid '70s. The quality is not great but the song medley and dance moves are amazing to watch. He is a natural, spellbinding dancer with perfect timing. It's good throughout the whole clip, and Cher keeps up well, she's in good form. But Michael is king of performance, and especially near the end of this one. A born entertainer.

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Anonymous said...

you read my mind this morning. It was sad when I heard of Farah fawcett passing on then hearing that Michael died it was devasting. We lost two angels. I loved Farah, people sometimes saw her as the dissy blonde and overlooked her talents and smarts.

Michael , I have always loved. As a mother of a daughter who performed to many of his numbers, he was always an inspiration to one and all. He will surely be missed as like Elvis.
Have a great weekend