Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Impulse Saving / Saving Spree™

Have you ever spontaneously decided to go out and get yourself something new, but then, said to yourself, "hmmm, buying this won't make any difference to my level of contentment whatsoever really," and decided not to buy it? It's a good feeling. Not much of a spontaneously spender here anyway but have been an impulse saver for a long time. There are many things one just has to have to live, so spending will never cease. That said, so much more could be done without, and often times, the healthier you are for it, physically and mentally. ... not to mention, it cuts down on incredibly growing dumps.

Just a thought for the day.


Anonymous said...

I hate shopping first of all. I seem to go when I have no choice, I hate trying on clothes. my daughter is the same way. Yet I do like to have lots of clothes . I have spontaneoulsy gone out to browse and had picked up a few things and put them back, I did feel better after doing so. I think I would be broke if I went out and bought things just for the sake of buying it. lol
Lower the DUMPS LOL

Charlie said...

I'd say I would rather have needles stuck in my eyes, than go shopping, but I know what the needles in eyes are like, so would rather be forced to listen to Celine Dion sing gangsta rap;) If our society were as obsessed with extending the use of things rather than throwing it away, it would be a cleaner place, and maybe a bit more relaxed too.