Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Opposition Was Banking on a Raitt Cut

Lisa Raitt, the Natural Resources Minister was recorded months ago, saying that the medical isotope issue was a sexy one, and one that could help further her political ambitions. Well, many people are calling for her head, while others think it was inappropriate for her to describe the isotope issue, which directly affect treating cancer and heart disease, as sexy. (the production is isotopes is crucial in certain cancer and heart disease testing)

The word sexy is often used in a situation that will draw attention. She obviously saw the challenge of solving the isotope crisis as one that would draw a great deal of attention to the potential devastating effect it might have on patients, and also to herself as someone who is given the task to handle the crisis. It did indeed give insight into Raitt's career ambitions, and it no doubt sounded cold. Had such a proclamation been made public prior to her running for election, she may not have been elected because of the image of greediness, rather than really being elected to serve the public interest.

On the other hand, how much of an effort has Raitt been making to deal with the isotope crisis? Surely she would have to work hard to reap the accolades she aspired to get. The "sexy" comment was one snippet of conversation taken from a taped dialogue. The comment taken out of context sure did sound cold, but it would be hard to believe that Ms Raitt was uncaring for patients with life-threatening illnesses. Hard to believe especially when you consider that she lost her own father to cancer when she was 11 and a brother the same way, at a young 36.

Just a short time ago in the House of Commons, Raitt was apologetic for her sexy comment, and that was an appropriate thing to do. Now, it's time to focus solely on the critical shortage of medical isotopes in the world, and for the opposition to give it a rest.

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