Friday, June 05, 2009

No Blog Post Today, Nothing Just Resting

I am not posting anything today because it is such a nice day, plus, one needs to get away from these keys and monitor more often.

... As well, the benefits of just taking a day off are obvious, but also formally recorded. For example, we all know that when your mind and body gets a chance to relax, those neurons and muscles take a breather, and it therefore, calms you, and prepares you for a better nights sleep - sleep being the time period of physical and mental rejuvenation. As a matter of fact the Ontario government believes in a day of rest so much so, that they now have a family day. On the third Monday of every February Ontarians will have a public holiday--Family Day.

Rest relieves stress, I can't Stress that enough!!! It's important for people with heart failure. Proper rest is an important for your preparedness to deal with stress, and it affects your mood as well. Here, I just found an article which talks about that:

"a lack of rest and relaxation can really work a number on your mood. It is a scientific fact that when individuals miss out on good nightly rest their personality is affected and they are generally more grumpy, less patient, and snap easier. As a result, missing out on rest to fit in all those activities might make you a bear to be around, which is not much fun at all." (source)

So, again, I won't be wasting this awesome day stuck here at the keys, no siree. Mother nature calls, and I don't intend to waste one more second inside.

... cause when you think about it, you're also getting vitamin D by being exposed to the sun, and for free. However, don't over do it of course, so easy to get burned, then you would end up back inside suffering from burns or worse.

... of course it also a chance to walk, run, or be active in whatever way you choose, and also meet friends which is good for the spirit.

Ok, there. I will be posting in a day or so, thank you.

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