Saturday, June 06, 2009

Perennial Friends and Foes

While out for a walk I was lucky enough to spot this taraxacum (the rare weed). Had to stop for a shot since it was such a dandy lyin' there.
Family members have green thumbs and also allow me to get up close and personal with their perennial favorites.


Anonymous said...

you are great at photography. lovely pictures.

Charles Cheeseman said...

Thanks inky. I have a lot more to learn, and want to get sharper and more artistic with future photos, but it's fun along the way. I have been also developing a web page to eventually sell some prints, so will see how that goes in the future.

BNB said...

The lowly piss-da-bed deserves not the consideration of your lense my good friend. Death to Dandelions!

Nice shots, I look forward to the descriptions just as much though, "dandy lying" "mare image" - classics :)

Charles Cheeseman said...

BNB, most people share your feelings on these lawn pests, but they do look good in a field. Glad you like the accompanying words, and thanks, it's fun to do.